Kundali Bhagya today 27 November full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Mein Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to remove Preeta and Karan Don.  Anjali says I can't take it anymore. Anjali says I have to get Karan. Anjali says I'm with Rishabh. There's nothing left for Rishabh to do.  Even then, Rishabh goes home from the office and is very happy with Rishabh. Everyone in the family is very happy to see.

 Rishabh happy. They say to Rishabh what happened today.  Anjali gets very happy and says this is very good. Anjali says when this goes away, I won't have any tension. I can stay with Karan comfortably.  Rishabh says that Anjali will also go with me, our wife can also go with us and it is necessary for us to go too.  You have not even gone for a walk, Anjali is always at.

 home, Anjali's heart longs for Anjali to go to Bihar from home.  All the family members say that it is a very good thing that you want to take Anjali along with you. You should take Anjali too. Even then, Anjali goes to her room and says that Anjali has no way to go.  Anjali says no, I can't go with Rishabh. Anjali says.

 I can't stand Rishabh. Anjali says whatever I do, I won't go with him.  hoga jisse Mujhe Yah Apne Sath Na Le Jaaye Anjali Sochne Lag Jaati Hai Anjali Kahati Hai Aakhir Mujhe Kya Karna Chahie Tabhi Rishabh A Jata Hai Kamre Mein Rishabh Anjali ko kehta hai ki kya hua thuushium Khihna hai chahi ki I am taking you with me.  Rishabh says I will share you well, I will.

 make you dream. Anjali says no, it is not like that. I am happy.  I have to rest that I don't want to go my heart is not

right.  If it is not correct, then we will take the claims. You will leave something. If you take the claims, then your health will be cured. You will not be able to go with me.  Rishabh says it's like yours. Preeta.

 says it's good if Anjali will go with Rishabh. Preeta says no house, I won't have ten.  Preeta says I have to do something, I have to send Anjali. Preeta says I know Anjali will do something, Anjali wants her not to go. Rishta says but I don't want her with me, I don't think so.  She will also try to use it, not to get bored. Preeta.

 says I will keep sending her with Rishabh. Anjali deliberately takes sleeping tablets.  Anjali will go and says that I will not be able to go with Rishabh.  Anjali doesn't do all this, what does it happen? Anjali doesn't go with Rishabh. Preeta says I know that Anjali has to think about all this.  Something has to be done. Preeta says I have to send her. Preeta says I will not succeed in her plan. Preeta says I am your.

 friend.  Anjali brings water and also medicine. Anjali is not taking medicine. Preeta says what happened, you don't stay. Preeta says  Do you want to go with Rishabh or not you will get well soon Anjali is upset that I know Preeta has left all this on purpose Anjali takes medicine Anjali Abid icine Kha Ke Aram kar rahi Hoti Hai Preeta Kahati  Hai Ki Mujhe Ab.

 Anjali per Nazar Rakhni Hogi Preeta khati Hai Kya Ab Main Ise Don't do anything else Dungi Preeta Kahati hai ki All I had to do now was to win I will never do before Dungi Preeta Anjali is keeping her eyes on her.  After some time bad Anjali wakes up and Rishabh also goes.  Anjali fails in her efforts. Whatever she tries to do, Anjali can't do what she wants. Anjali can't stay. 

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