Kundali Bhagya today 3 November full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Preeta and Karan. One has gone and she is making all the family members against Preeta. She is always someone new but she always doesn't work in her own way. Anjali says that I will not accept everyone. Anjali tells her to go home. Anjali eats I will stay till I get Kiran. She says what.

 should I do now? All the family members are very happy. Preeta is also very happy. Preeta always keeps Vrat for Karan. Preeta says I will always keep Vrat for Karan. Sankar says ai Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Nahin Main To isko yah. Vrat Nahin Rakhne Dungi Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Main To Rishabh ko Pasand Bhi nahin karti bus.

 main current Tak pahunchne ke liye ise shaadi Kar Li thi Anjali says I am not keeping him Anjali says I can't forget Anjali She says I can keep Vrat only for Karan, but now I can't keep it because Karan is with Preeta and Preet. She comes to Anjali and says to Anjali that it will be the first vrat in the house, so are you also.

 keeping this? She says that it is important to keep your vrat too. So this is the thing. Yah keeps Vrat for her people. She says that you should also keep this Vrat. Anjali says, "Han Thek Hai, I will keep Yah Vrat. When Rishabh's heart goes away, Anjali scolds me a lot. Anjali says this can't be done by me Anjali says how can I keep.

 this FIR Anjali says if I have to make a place for myself in the heart of everyone in the family, if I become a ghost then I would wake up. Anjali says this is a real opportunity to make a place for herself in the heart of all family members. Anjali says I will keep this thing. Karan's name is not mehndi on her hand Anjali.

 says what should I do but Anjali gets an idea Anjali mixes Preeta's mehndi with allergic treat Anjali says I will go, Preeta's hands will start to itch, she will get allergic to her hands, she goes away with mehndi, Karan's man takes mehndi and there is a way, she falls at the place of mehndi. Anjali gets angry seeing the henna.

 mix. Anjali says who will know which henna is allergic. but Anjali also can't see the mehndi properly, Anjali doesn't even know that it is an allergic mehndi, she is putting it on Anjali and it is cute, Rahi, Anjali's plan is full on Anjali herself. When Anjali applies henna, Anjali's hands become allergic. Anjali can't remove.

 the henna. Why does this always happen to me? Anjali says whenever I try to do something it backfires. It always happens to me, Anjali says whenever I try to call Preeta, Preeta always escapes, I don't know why this happens to Preeta, it doesn't happen to me, manungi Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Main Preeta ko. Nuksan.

 Pahuncha kar Rahungi Main ine Donon ko Dur karke hi Rahungi Tabhi wahan per Preeta a Jaati Hai Preeta Kahati Hai Yah Kya Hua Tumhare Hathon per to allegy hona hai saake preethai karna This sinker is very brown to Anjali Anjali used to say. Hai ki main badla se zaror langi tamse

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