Kundali Bhagya today 3 th November full episode online HD

 In Kundali Bhagya Show Zee TV you will see Rishabh and Srishti decide to go inside the school Jeehan Dostoune Wale episode you will see when Rishabh saves Kavya enters the school from Sherlyn Ashoor Likudsha Rishabh.  She says you can't go to the temple, your life might be in danger, so I won't let you go inside. Rishabh۔

 says to Shirleen, who are you to stop me from going inside, you won't stop me.  Sukta also takes Shirley and says to Rishabh that I am your wife, that's why I am stopping you from going inside Rishabh, why aren't you listening to me? Yes, friends.  Hey you take care of Shirleen this is bothering .

me yes friends Sarshti says to Sameer you stop Shirleen Rishabh and we are going inside why inside Kavya and Preeta ki jaan ko baat ra Hai Hamen Unhen Kisi Bhi Halat Mein Un gundon Se  Bachana Hoga Ji Han Doston Jaise hi Rishabh School ke Andar Inter Hota Hai Tabhi Prithvi.

 Rishabh ko dekh leta hai and apne sathiyon se Kahta Hai Rishabh Andar a Chuka Loja Neur per use has to be kept because he is very naughty and you people are police  can hand over so you guys have to be active yes friends like Rishabh looks inside then it gets cooked.

 use dirty house take it if you take someone we will blow you away this friends Arjun now Rishabh with UN Gundon  You will appear to save the logon because Arjun still has a lot of love for Rishabh and you  People will start fighting Arjuna very soon.  khatir Prithvi ko benakab.

 Karta Hua Dikhai Dega Aap Logon Ko Kyunki Prithvi Ne Apna Chehra Marks Hai Chhopa Rakha Hota Hai Lekin Ab Arjun Prithvi ka Marks Uttara Hua Dikhai Dega Aap Logon ko Aap Log Bahut Jabd Kahvie Hera will come with everyone now Pritha also Prithvi  She is going to.

 see in front of her and she will be seen smacking Prithvi's heart, why is it that Prithvi keeps pushing Preetha every time?  But Arjun Prithvi will be seen flaking this planning and you guys will see him very soon in the serial Kundali Bhagya.

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