Kundali Bhagya today 3 th November full episode hd

 The story of Serial Kundali Bhagya Zee TV is going to be very interesting in the upcoming episode you guys will be shown Kavya's life is going to be ruined as Behar lies to Preeta and leaves the school when

Preeta will be your story. The terrorist tells Preeta that we have seen your daughter going to Bihar with Arjun.

 which makes Sankar Preeta too happy and Preeta leaves but Preeta will not know anything about the hidden planning behind it. He says to the goons that you guys won't be able to do anything because Preeta is very intelligent, you won't be able to ask the police because Preeta will.

 love you. till then the police won't be able to do anything about you yes guys Prithvi's talk will go down well with the UN goons and Prithvi's plan will get Preeta sent outside the school Yes guys as soon as Preetha goes to school.

  Behar goes to her family and starts chasing her daughter Kavya but Kavya is not found by Preeta which makes Preeta very worried and where to go from family why can't I be without my daughter Kavya? He will also have to bring.

 his daughter Kavya with him. Hey friends, see Preeta being prevented by her family from going inside. Today, you people will not have to do anything with the relationship with the police because we have given you a lot of time to write. Yes, if this is the case, then I don't think you will be able to save the children.

 from the hooligans. Shirleen Jo's school spring is the spring of Prithvi. But she is telling that yes Rishabh enters inside just like your friends, then Sherlyn also calls Prithvi and says to Prithvi, you stay in Sambhal. And they will.

 say to the UN goons, you blackmail the police, why are the police entering? Yes, friends, you will see the terrorist Kavya as a target. On the hunt for Han, the terrorists will tell the police that if anyone tries to enter, we will not let the girl go.

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