Bhagya Lakshmi today 4 November full episode online hd

Bhagya Lakshmi today 4 November full episode online hd.

 The story of Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV is going to be very interesting in the upcoming episode you will see when Arjun sees Preeta in front of the UN goons he goes to save Preeta but Arjun sees Preeta in the process of saving her.  Hoon Logon goes to Kavitha to save Preeta just like Arjun, even then Preeta starts to walk away as those goons become active and arrest Arjun and stop using Preeta along with.

 Sri Raat.  .  They are searching for Pritha, even after trying to find Pritha, Sarshithi tells Rishabh that Pritha is not available.  Gundon's cad must be avoided Rishabh God bless you those goons are dangerous they can do anything with Preeta and Kavya these friends have to tell Rishabh from here on out  Arjun bhi to hai Arjun.

 nothing will happen to Preetha because Arjun loves Kavya so much and would do anything for Kavya jee hun barsham doo.  It's going to happen again as soon as Arjun finds out that Kavya is my daughter Tab doesn't let Arjun go.  The time comes, we are talking about these gangsters and you are the one who has a way in.

 my mouth. Kavya is my and Rishabh's daughter and this is you.  You guys will be seen happening and you guys will see very soon when Prithvi sees Preeta and Arjun arguing with each other then Prithvi will say to Arjun if you don't know anyone then why use it.  I have cleared the important thing, you have been talking.

 to me since you came here.  Very soon we will leave you guys.  It is going to fall why Prithvi is doing all this for his revenge Why does Prithvi want to take his revenge from Arjun as soon as Prithvi finds out that Kavya is Arjun's daughter Tab Prithvi let us decide.  To take away the Kavya

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