Kundali Bhagya today 21 th jan full episode hd

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Preeta and Karan Don. Can't. Anjali says I married Rishabh to reach Karan and I am one in the house but I tried to get rid of Karan and Preeta don. She goes and says that Anjali says that it is enough now, I will not let my plan fail. I will do something that will make Karan go away from Preeta. So.

 Anjali is Anjali. What should I do? Anjali says that I am too tired now, they are in the house, I will not be able to fulfill my purpose. She says what should I do now, even then all the family members are very happy because Shasti is pregnant. Shasti gives this good news to all the family members. All the family.

 members are very happy. They are also giving a lot of love, they say that earlier there was so much peace in the house with the voice of Preeta's daughter, but now there is even more happiness. Ine donon bahanon ki tarif kar rahe Hote Hain Anjali is watching all this, Anjali can't bear all this. The family members are.

 worried about Preeta, Anjali says that now the excuse is also gone, now all the family members will also worry about her. Anjali is upset that all the family members are not worried about me. Anjali says I can't see people happy. Anjali says they are mine sometimes. Anjali says, I will destroy their happiness. Anjali says, Until.

 I get my love, there is no happiness in me till I meet you. Shasti's child, Khatam. I will do it when it will not be a child, then who will be happy, Anjali says that now I don't think about Preeta's nakedness, first of all, I have to do something about Shasti, I have to ask Anja, Anjali is making a plan, Anjali says. Anjali gets an idea in.

her mind that she should kill Shasti's child. Anjali says that I will kill Shasti. There is something special about Jamin and I did something like this, which will make Shasti's pawn file and she will fall down. The Shasti is a fairy and stops

the ship. So Preeta tells Shisti to stop.

 because the ground is covered with oil. Anjali is very upset because Anjali's plan fails Karan's mind says, where did this oil come from? Anjali gets scared. Anjali says that it must have been one. It must have fallen from someone's hand. Don't be suspicious, when Anjali is talking about such things, Preeta says.

 that I think it is oil, it would not have come home. Preeta starts thinking. ahut gussa ho rahi hoti hai Anjali says after all she is also Preeta's sister. Anjali says whenever I try to do something with Preeta, Preeta always escapes. Anjali says I won't believe everyone, I will continue to end their happiness, even then.

 Preeta won Anjali's room, I am one of them, that my excuse will never be harmed. Don't even think about what you do to me, but I forgive you if you try to do something with my excuse, I will never forgive you, so don't even think about doing anything to my sister. Sankar hates Anjali a lot

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