Kundali Bhagya update today 12 Jan full episode online hd

In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Anjali wants to get rid of Preeta and Kiran Don.  Apne Iradon Mein Nakam Ho Jaati Hai Anjali ko bahut gussa a Raha Hota Hai Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Akhir Main Kya Karun Anjali Kahati hai ki Hamesha hi Preeta Bach Jaati Hai Anjali Dhan Ki Hainon Kahati Karun Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Main Kaise Karan ko.

 Hasil Karun Anjali  Kahati Hai Ki Preeta ke Hote Hue to main Yah Sab Kuchh Nahin Kar Sakti Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Preeta ko is Ghar Se Janna Hoga Anjali Kahati Hai Ki Mujhe Pahkehle I have to work that I have to take Preeta out of the house.  What should I do with him? Anjali says what should I do? Anjali starts thinking, but.

 an idea comes to Anjali's mind. Anjali says I will blame Preeta for stealing.  Karan says to Mann that I am my friend tomorrow  Anjali says I have a lot of jewelry, but Anjali is upset that if you have it, you can give it to me, I will see you tomorrow.  I am talking, why don't you give Zaror Dongi Man V goes to give the jewellery. Anjali.

 takes the jewelery and puts it in her room. Anjali says now I will put this jewelery in Preeta's room.  Anjali waits for Sahi Mukke first at night Anjali goes to Preeta's room and in Preeta's room she puts everyone's jewelry the best thing is she shouts at Anjali she starts crying  She does her acting and sometimes she doesn't know.

 that her mother had taken the jewelery from her yesterday and she has lost my jewelery.  Who can pick her up, she says no, I know, I was from you, and I was supposed to go to the wedding today.  Anjali says that we all should be seen in the family's work, but all the family members say to Anjali that what are you saying, are.

 you crazy, all the family members are looking like this, what is Karan's love?  Anjali says that I am not saying that UN logon will not happen, I am saying that we can.  Not all family members say if you went into someone's room by mistake.  Anjali says that I am not saying that I was in my room. When I look at everyone, she is not in my room.  There is.

 one thing, if we want to see in everyone's work, then we see this Sankar. Anjali becomes very happy.  What will you do with Preeta?  They go, Preeta is also surprised, all the family members say to Preeta, what is all this, what is this jewel doing in your room, Preeta is very upset, Preeta is upset that I don't know, I don't know why all this is not.

happening, where is Ari?  All the family members say that this is a power in your work, it will not happen on its own.  Ati hai Preeta says love.  You people are not agreeing with me. They think that I am carrying these gems in my own work, which means that I am the one who stole the jewelry.  She says .

 Han, you tell me where I am from and what she is doing in your room.  She says that we only think that you are taking these jewels in your own work and you have stolen them. Preeta this Sankar starts crying.  Saint wants Preeta said.  Now I will not stay in the house when everyone in the family doesn't know what I am saying. Preeta says that there is no respect in the house when it is mine, so there is no sacrifice to stay in the 

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