Radha Mohan 3 November full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai, Damini always tries to get rid of Radha and Mohan. Whenever I try to do something, Gungan always goes one and Gungan fails my plan. Damani says I belong to them, I can't do anything. Damani says first I have to clean tulsi and gungan leaves. She says why me? Damini.

 says I just want Mohan Damini says I can kill anyone to get Mohan Damini says I can go to any extent to get Mohan so Damini thinks ra hello Damini says what should I do with Gungan, Damini says first of all I have to teach Gungan, Damini starts thinking what should I do, Damani.

 says when asked, I will try to knock Gungan down. Even then, Damini Saydiyan gives oil to her, but Gungan has one way and Gungan's paw is harvested, Gungan falls. When he sees the condition of Gungan, he gets very worried. All the family members love Gungan.

 very much. All the family members are delighted by Gungan's voice. The doctor says that he has lost a lot of blood. After the operation, everyone in the family becomes very stressed, then an idea comes in Damani's mind. With the sound of Radha's voice, Radha's oil was left.

 alone and that oil had

fallen. Sayyids, Radha had not cleaned the oil. Radha's voice has happened today, Gungan is in the hospital, so it is Radha's voice. After hearing all this, all the family members are very surprised. Now the family members say that Radha is on her way. Radha says not at all, she is lying, nothing like.

 that happened to me, Damani says no, Radha says no, I saw it with my own eyes and why are you lying? Gulati, why not, man, Radha is sour, I am not lying, you are lying, Radha starts crying, Radha says, I am totally eating Radha. I don't know which house Gangan went to. All the family members say that it must have.

 happened because of your care. Radha says I am telling the truth. My point is not verbal. Damani is lying. Why are you talking about Damani one by one when you all know that Damani is not right for our house. Damani is always able to reach us. Damini starts crying, what are you saying? Whenever something.

 happens, you all blame me. Nothing happens, you all go after me and go, Damini starts crying, Damini stops her acting, Damini says I am telling the truth, nothing happened to me. Am I telling the truth Damani says Radha you are lying then Mohan says there Mohan.

 says Radha will never tell a lie I am more difficult than Radha myself I agree with all the family members Radha Yekin Karan or not Kiran, Radha is per Yekin from me. Radha never lies. Whatever Radha is saying, she is telling the truth. Radha must not have done anything. Damani says that he always listens to Radha and never listens to anyone else

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