Radha Mohan today Jan th 28 full episode hd

In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hawa Hai, Damani Mohan wants to remove Radha.  Damini is upset that what should I do. Damani says that whenever I try to do something with Radha, Radha always escapes. Damini says I don't have a plan.  It won't happen again. Damani says that I will be successful in my plan and I will stay after getting Mohan.  Must be done Damini starts thinking Sabha gets.

 ready Gungan Radha is getting ready for school Gungan is going to school Gungan goes to school Ol I have some doubts they let the pure school children go on their journey.  They are pure school children. They are sometimes in them. They try to kill children. All children would have been very brave.  The police are trying to escape but it is very difficult to escape when Radha and her family find out that there is a terrorist group in the school and.

 all the children are in their custody and from Gandha.  On their way, all the family members get very worried. Mohan also gets very worried. Tulsi also gets worried. Tulsi says that my heart was very worried today. I knew that today, what are we going to do now?  Who will save your Gangan and Dunya children? All the family, Mohan and Radha all reach the school. When the vehicle arrives, they see that.

 the vehicle is also there. Then Mohan meets the policemen.  They are there and you are not doing anything since when the children are inside. Once again Radha and her family go to another trouble.  If you guys go inside, he might kill Bachon, then what will we do? Radha says no, we don't know about them.  We will shut up, the children will have to escape. Radha says that someone will have.

 to go inside. How can we see such children. Radha and Mohan sneak inside. They try to save the children. Radha and Jahan  Radha and Mohan are going to see how Bachon is doing. The child is very brave. Gungan is also very shy. When Radha sees what is going on with Gangan, she becomes very sad and starts crying. Radha says, "We are inside."  We have gone, but who will we save the children? There.

are many logs. Mohan says that we have to do something. Mohan also

counts in his hand and he goes inside. He says to Radha, I am going inside.  I am trying to scare Logon.  De Sakti Radha says if they try to get your number, then what will I do, I can't do anything alone, Mohan how is it that I need something.  I don't think so.  I will reward people.  They say that.

 now we will save them, even then Mohan tries to scare the UN terrorists with a gun in his hand and Mohan turns them over to him and Mohan denies this.  And she takes the children out of there.  They take it and they put the song on Mohan, they say to Radha, we will kill him. Radha is very upset. Radha says what should I do now, who should I save Mohan? Radha is 

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