Radha Mohan today 13 Jan full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hawa Hai, Damini wants to get rid of Mohan and Radha. Damini wants to marry Mohan. Damini is still waiting for Mohan.  She says I won't accept everyone, then we say I will keep trying, Damani says I will keep asking my question till I get Mohan and I am not going to get.

 Mohan.  Every time I try to do something with Radha, always Gungan comes to me and Gungan saves Radha, always foils my plan.  Gangan has to be taught the style, even then Mohan's man goes alone on the vehicle and Mohan's man listens to all the words of Damani. Mohan's man.

 slaps Damani.  You will try to get Gungan to reach the number, you will try to kill Gungan, Mohan's mind says you should touch Gungan and see what I will do with you, I want to show you in the count, you will not be tabbed, she says.  I will now tell everything to Radha that you.

 are planning to kill Gangan, Mohan says I will also tell everything to Mohan.  Because Mohan loves his daughter so much if you try to do all these things to his daughter you think what he will do to you.  R loves Damini very much, I will not tell her the truth to all the family members, I.

 have to do anything to stop her.  And they use kidnapping.  All the housemates are trying to cheat Mohan's heart, everyone is very worried, Mohan is also very worried, he is trying to cheat his heart, everyone is trying to cheat him, everyone is a housewife.  Damini says if I tell everyone the truth then I don't know what everyone will do with me. Damini says.

 Mohan won't let me stay in the house.  is Ghar Se Nahin Jaoungi Damini Kahati Hai Ki Main Apna Khel Itni Jalidi Khatm Nahin Hone Dungi Lekin Damini Yah Bhi Soch kar Pareshan Ho Rahi Hoti Hai Damini Kahati hai that until now I have been kept in a house in one house and our doors have been used.  If I try to.

 knock, all the family members will be suspicious. Damini says that what should I do now, where should I hide it?  Seeing this, Tulasi is getting very worried, and Tulsi is also trying to get rid of Tulasi.  It turns out that Mohan's man meets Damani's roommate, she meets Bahoshi, Tulsi finally takes the bait and.

Tulsi herself opens the door of the room. All the family members go into the room.  Damani is unconscious in the room. Damani also has a problem in the room. Damani goes in and says who got it. She is unconscious and who opened the door. Damani says that she is unconscious so she can't do anything.  She says that I know that this is not all, nor will it be a scam. All the 

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