Radha Mohan today 2 November full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Jo Hua Hai, Damini tries to get rid of Mohan and Radha. Gungan foils the plan, she doesn't let Radha get hurt. Gungan says that as long as I am with Radha, you can never separate Radha and Mohan, even Tulsi, Radha or Radha, can't help Damani.

 in her intentions. It has to be that Tulsi is not visible to anyone. If Tulsi sees everything, then we know what Damini is going to do now. Therefore, Tulsi is on every plan of Damini. Tulsi and Gungan never let Radha and Mohan Gungan goes to the kitchen to get water and.

 Damini is also in the kitchen. Damini gets angry seeing Gungan and the glass is broken by Gungan's hand and the glass breaks so Damini slaps Gungan hard Gives Gungan starts crying then Radha comes in the kitchen Radha says to Gungan what happened why are you crying.

 Gungan says I am sorry. Damani was beaten by me. Now all the family members also go there. All the family members are saddened to see Gungan crying. They say to Gungan that what happened. She says to Damani that you have gone mad. She says why did you kill Gungan. She is a girl. She gets angry with children. Until.

 today, we have not killed Gungan, so when will you bring Gungan to Damani's family They start telling, Damani says

no, I was not killed. Damani starts telling lies. Damani says that Gungan must have had some misunderstanding. Gungan is telling such lies. She is a girl who is telling.

 the truth. But still, Radha says. No, Gungan can never tell a lie, you must have killed Gungan and you must be telling a lie. Damani says you have learned more than Gungan has ever told a lie. Gungan is speaking the truth, you will have beaten Gungan, it is night, all the.

 family members are busy with their work, Tulsi Damani's work is in the office, the daughter has been beaten. Who did Tulsi kill? Tulsi says that I am replacing my daughter. Tulsi comes to Dhamni's room at night and Tulsi slaps Damni's cheek. She starts beating Damini. Tulsi.

 tries to kill Damini. Damini starts lying to Tulsi. Damini tells Tulsi that if you don't see me as a thief, what will I do with you? Damani says I have such a claim, if I settle it, you will leave here and it will not be yours. Damani says that if you want to stay with your daughter, give me.

 a thief. Damani says to Tulsi that now think whether you want me to die or you want to kill me. She says no, I never want to go away from my daughter. Tulsi steals Damani. Tulsi says I don't want to go away from my daughter. She says I want to stay forever. She forgives.

 Damini, thinking that she can see her daughter, and when Damini is telling lies, Damini does not have any such medicine. It still happens that today all the family members are telling me with the voice of Gungan. Sani Damani says that I have changed from Gungan now. Not even Bholangi Wah says that if the conversation is changed, I will be angry with Gungan

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