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 Drama Serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Ki Damani wants to remove Radha and Mohan done. Damani is still waiting for Mohan.  They try to marry Damini, but Damini is bitter that no matter what happens, I will not do this marriage. Damini is bitter that my marriage will only be with Mohan.  Damini takes the love of her husband for the work that she can.

 do, and both of them are married to their daughter, Milkar.  She always speaks only to do useful things. She also supports her daughter. Damani is in her work and she is saying that Radha is not my wife. Now I am not Radha. Chowrangi Damani  She says Radha, what is all this in jingbhjjek, when Radha is Jannati, I want.

 to marry Mohan.  Adha doesn't want to know what's going on, Damani says now I want to see what I will do with Radha, now I will teach Radha as well.  Jamaat hears everything, Gungan says what will you do with Radha, Gungan says you touch Radha and see what I am doing with you, Gungan says why you don't touch.

 Radha while I am there.  Gungan says I will never let you do what you are trying to do, I will not let you succeed in your Jordan in Dingi.  I will never let you do this. Damani is very angry.  Damini is thinking what do I want to do with Gungan then an idea comes in Damini's mind.  She is going home, Radha stays with her all the time, then everything is done. Gungan.

 is getting ready for school and Radha is in the kitchen.  Damani says that there is nothing to steal from the school. I will take Gungan.  Yes, I can do this. Radha doesn't know that Damini is going with Gungan. Radha is busy with her work, so Damini goes with Gungan. Damini is very happy and says that  Now I want.

 to see what I will do with Gungan, even then Damini stops the abuse and Damini takes Gungan to a wonderful place. Seeing all this, Gungan is very scared.  Damini says I know that you had to go, so we said that you should see what I am doing with you at home. You are very smart, aren't you?  Damani tries to kill Gungan. Damani.

 says that today I will kill her. Damani says that when it will not be Gungan, it will be easy for me to get rid of Radha and Mohan Don.  What should I do? Gungan says who will help me? Gungan says now there is no Radha to help me. Damini is about to push Gungan from the ditch.  It has to go like this.  And he sees Damini, he says.

 to Damini, what are you doing, why are you killing this girl? Damini is very upset.  I am bad, I said that I saw with my own eyes, you were trying to kill the baby. Gungan is very angry. The man asks Gungan, son, tell me, it is your business, why is she doing this.  Gungan says this is the only one who can help me, Gungan says I don't want to lose courage, I want to tell.

everything, still use Gungan, I tell the man everything, he is an enemy and this is in my house.  I was there to steal my school. It has gone to my place and it is trying to kill me. So that man takes his revenge on Gungan.  I will tell the police and I will send you to jail. You were trying to kill a child. This Sankar is maddened. Damani says no, you don't marry like that.  Damini is making a show of her acting, Damini is using it, she leaves after spreading her hands.

 in front of the man. She says I realized my mistake.  .  Karen wow the man hears Damini's words and he forgives Damini the man leaves she is trying to get Damini to visit Gungan but still Damini doesn't realize her guilt Damini doesn't realize that if you are in the house  If you tell something to someone, you will be saved from today, FIR, you will not be saved, I am afraid of 

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