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Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Yeh Hawa Hai Ke Damani Mohan Radha Don Ko Karna Hai Damani Says Mohan Sarf Mera Hai And I Will Get Mohan Hi Ke Rahungi Damani Khati Hai Ke Main Mohan Ko Radha Ka Nai Hona Dhong Mein Hai Mein  Always trying to do something with Lakshmi. Radha escapes. Damani

says that's.

 enough. Damani says now I will succeed in my intentions. Longi Damni says now I will get Mohan. bahut gussa ho rahi.  Hoti Hai Damini Bahut Jazbati Ho Lakshmi Hoti hai Damini says till today whatever I have done with Radha I have always tried to harm Radha.  Now I will not look at Lakshmi's number. I love Mohan. Now.

 I will do my best for Mohan.  Shadi Karne Ke Liye Tayar Nahin Hoga Damini Kahati Hai Ki Main Aisa Kya Karun Jisse Mohan Mera Ho  Jaaye Meri Mohan Se Shaadi Ho Jaaye Damini Sochne Lag Jati Hai Damini Kahati Hai Then an idea comes in Damini's mind. Damini kidnaps Mohan.  She works, the goons try to get involved.

 and they kidnap Mohan. All the family members are very worried about Mohan's behavior. Radha is also very worried. Radha starts crying.  Damani says that after marrying Mohan in some time, Longi Damani is also pretending in front of all the family members that she is also saddened by the sound of Mohan's.

 departure.  Fai reaches where Mohan is, Damini tells the UN goons to invite Mohan for some snacks.  Do not read or see me otherwise Mohan will know that it was not me who kidnapped Mohan with his pure plan.  She goes to Mohan with Damini and she needs to marry Mohan. Damini starts forcing Mohan that now.

 there is no one who can stop my marriage.  Damini is very happy, Damini gets her wish, Mohan is getting married to Damini by force, Damini gets ready and Mohan is having breakfast, Mohan doesn't know much about Mohan.  Radha is not aware of the world.  She picks up her shoes. Radha says I don't know. Radha says now I will cheat Mohan. Radha goes.

To cheat Mohan.  Radha comes in and says that the place is very quiet.  May be my mohan vehicle is used by Radha. When Radha reaches there, Radha sees

that Damani is getting married. Even then, Radha reaches there. Radha is very surprised to see all this.  Radha goes and asks, what is Damini doing here? Damani says she means that Mohan was kidnapped, not Damini. Radha says first of all I have to stop this marriage.  Then.

 Radha reaches there and she slaps Damini hard. Radha shakes. Daughter says that it happened to me.  Damani has stopped me from marrying Mohan again. Radha says to Damani that it means that you kidnapped Mohan.  Damani says that you have kidnapped Mohan. Damani's daughter-in-law, Johnny Damani, Damani's acting is noisy.  Send me to jail I know what I did wrong Damini says I will.

 never do that again please forgive me again Send me to jail I don't want to go to jail Forgive me Radha Damani shows off her acting.  Radha says that now I will not talk to you, I always forgive your mistakes, I don't, then it is on me to do it.  Sometimes I can't forgive you, sometimes all the family members also go there, all the family 

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