Radha Mohan today 25 November full episode online HD

 Drama Serial Radha Mohan wants to remove Radha Doon, Damani says that Mohan is my servant.  I always try. Radha escapes. Damani says that I never succeed in my intentions. Damani says that I can't get rid of them both. So we are left with nothing. It's very difficult. Damani says that  They love a world so much, Damani says that's why I always fail in.

 my plans, I always lose and Radha always wins.  Damani starts thinking, Damani says what should I do now to do all this? Radha says I will have to do something, so that I can spend some time with Mohan everyday, Damani thinks.  Damani seems to say that what I want to do, even then a thought comes in Damani's mind.  but .

 She says that I don't feel at home, so I have to do something for my honor. Damani says that I have thought of something.  They say why are you doing all this? Is there any masala in the house that you will do all this? Damani says no, I have no problem.  They will not let you do.

 anything. Do whatever you want to do at home. You should do something that can be done at home too. Everyone is putting your heart in your home. Everyone says that you do not want to go to Bihar.  Ek goes, Damini says why can't I do all this? Damini says why can't I go to Bihar?  If you want to do it, do it at home brother, don't.

 do anything. Mohan's mind says that if you don't listen to our house, you can definitely

leave our house.  After all this, Damini goes to her room, Damini starts crying, Damini says FIR, why is all this happening to me, Damini says I don't think so.  Damini says that she is always following her orders on me. Radha starts thinking. Radha.

 says that I feel that Damini is trying to do something. Radha says don't do Damini to me.  Radha says I think something is going on in Damini's mind, she is trying to do all this. Radha says I have to find out what Damini is trying to do.  Radha says I will keep finding out and I will not let Damini do what she is trying to do, I will.

 not let Damini succeed in her intentions.  She starts to silence Damini, then Damini starts crying while listening to her heart and she says to her heart that I don't have heart with you, nor can I talk to you for me, how can all the family order me like this when  You are still alive Damini says you never speak for me you.

 never think good for me Damni says you are only a man of name you have not fulfilled your name D Amini to her man.  She says now you go and talk to all the family, I am trying to do whatever I have to do, let me do it, I can take my own decisions, now you feel good.  I will talk to all the people that I will.

 continue to do what I am trying to do.  There is no problem, she never wanted to work hard and why are you doing everything today, Damani says to her husband that I will continue to do all this to pass the time with Mohan, Damani's man is nothing, everything.  Hai says when I go to 

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