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 Dream Serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hawa Hai Ki Damini Wants Radha And Mohan Don Away Damini Wants To Marry Mohan Damini Can Go To Any Length To Get Mohan Damini Always Stays By Trying Radha Damini  Radha's enemy is Damini, who tries to kill Gungan many times, but Damini never succeeds in her intentions. Damini can never get Mohan.  They love the world a lot and Gungan also always stays with the United Nations. Gungan.

 never lets Damani succeed in his intentions.  Just trying to get rid of these two, Damani says that I don't want Mohan to be Radha's. Damani starts thinking and goes.  Some of my friends are at home, Gungan says that my teacher will also be with me, Gungan  She is very happy. What do you have to do with my friend and my teacher? You have to treat them well. All the family members say that.

 we will talk to them well and we will treat them well.  I will take good care of you. Gungan is very happy. I am Gungan's. I will change my happiness. Damini says that you can never be happy without me.  Dongi says no. Chakhti says see what I am doing with Gangan's teachers.  There is a way and friend is also a way. Radha says it is good that they are logging in. Radha says that we also have no objection. Radha.

 says but I know that Damani has to do something or something.  Damini will not sit comfortably, Damini is always trying to do something or the other, so Damini will not let go of this chance even tomorrow, Damini will try to do something, Radha.  Vat ho preshan hakti ho ki rahi chahi radha says we will send damini somewhere tomorrow radha says no it can't happen radha says damini never listens.

 to us and she is always at home  Tulsi is listening to all of Radha's words. Tulsi says that Radha is saying the same thing. Damini will try to do something. Tulsi says that it is okay. I am waiting for Damini too.  Longi then Radha goes, it is getting late, Tulsi is thinking, Tulsi says what do I want to do with Damini, even then it gets dark, Damini is also thinking, Damini says.

 what to do with me.  If you want to do it, then Damani asks for tea for herself. Tea goes alone in Damini's room. Even then, Tulsi mixes sleeping pills in Damini's tea.  Wow, Chai Pi is late, so Damini starts to sleep a lot, Damini goes peacefully, especially Gangan's teachers and friends also go.  There is a function in the school, she comes to Gungan's house to prepare for the function, then everyone.

in the family is very happy. Radha is cooking for them very happily, but Radha is also in love with Damani, but also with Tulsi Ni Damani.  Tulsi has been waiting, Damani is comfortably sleeping in her room, Damani doesn't know what is going on.  Also the bridegroom does Radha's food, she gives food when they eat, they do a lot of Tariq saying it's very nice, the teachers and Gungan's friends.

 leave, Gungan is very happy, all the family members are also loving Radha very much.  They say to Radha that you have taken good care of us too, you have fulfilled all your responsibilities very well, Mohan is also very happy, all the family members are very happy, still Gungan says to Mohan, we are not.  Saying my heart is dying to eat ice cream, Gungan tells Mohan.


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