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 In the drama serial Radha Mohan Yeh Hua Hai Ki Damini always tries to separate Radha and Mohan done. Whenever I try to do something, whenever I try to get rid of these doon, gungan and tulsi always fail my plan, she always comes between me and mohan. It will happen if I clean Gungan's leaf in subak teaching Gungan, she.

 says it will be easy for me to reach Mohan. What should I do? Damani says now I can't bear Gungan anymore. Damani says that my life has been forbidden by Asmin. She says what should I do. An idea comes to her mind, Damani calls a goon, using Damini to give money to the goon, it works and using Damini, she wants to kidnap.

 a girl, that is, a gangan, and she wants to kill him. He agrees and kidnaps Gungan. All the family members are very worried. Everyone searches for Gungan. You will give money and you will have to blackmail for the money to call home, then they will also give you money. Damini says I won't accept anyone at the bar. Damini.

 says I will live only if I succeed in my plan. They are in trouble. Mohan is also very worried. Everyone in the house loves Gungan very much. Damani is very happy to see everyone in trouble. Damani says that no one wants to see me with you. There will never be any happiness.

 in the house. Damani says until I and Mohan become one, I will never let any happiness come in the house until I work with you. Khush can't see it. The kidnapper calls Mohan. He tells Mohan that we have your daughter. If you want to take your daughter. And give.

 us money, that kidnapper demands a lot of money. Mohan and all the family members become very worried. What should we do now? How can we take our daughter? And that kidnapper keeps calling and blackmailing us and saying, "If the family doesn't pay, I will kill your daughter." Everyone in the family.

 is saying. Where will this money come from now? Damani says that she wants to make a place for herself in the hearts of all the family members. I will let you know that Damani is a housewife in everyone's house. There is some money and they are also ornaments. So you guys give them to me. She will wear them and it will work. After all, the wait for the.

money is over, Damini becomes good in the eyes of the family, Damini has won the hearts of all the families. Go take the money, Han, just remember one

thing, you should come alone, take someone else, mat Aana says ah, if you bring someone, look, your daughter will not be saved, and Khastor, don't tell the police at all, Mohan says. Ok, I will come alone, just.

 don't do anything to my daughter, I am still here with the money. has said that I just have to come alone, so you try to understand that if I don't stay, he will kill our daughter. Radha says yes, I will keep quiet. If you need me, I would like to write it secretly. Kar Radha gets ready to go, Radha and Mohan leave, but Damani says no, Radha didn't want to.

 go. bhi a rahi hai Damini Uske DNA per ko phone Karti Hai Lekin uska phone band Ja Raha Hota hai Damini ka rapta ho no Sakta Damini Ko Gussa A Jata Hai Damini Kahati hai ki ab main use Kaise Bataun damne Ki Baat nahin ho sakti Damini bahut presan Radha and Mohan arrive in the vehicle. First of all, Mohan goes in the vehicle. Mohan sees his daughter in this situation and is very upset. The kidnapper takes the 

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