Radha Mohan today 14 th November full episode online hd


In the drama serial Radha Mohan, Yeh Hawa Hai, Damini wants to separate Mohan and Radha Don. But Damani says I don't think I can get Mohan now. Damani says Mohan loves Radha a lot. Damani says I have to get Mohan. Damani says I have wasted my time now. Damani.

 says I don't have time anymore. Now whatever I have to do, I have to hurry. Damani says finally what should I do? Damani says I don't even understand anything. Damani has been very angry. Damani says I won't be here forever. Koo says Radha, we want to go for .

a walk somewhere. We want to have a picnic. Gungan says where do we want to go to Bihar? She says to Radha that now you have to obey me and you have to come with me. Gungan says we will take Mohan with us. She is planning to meet her but still Gungan says that we will go.

 on a log picnic. Radha says to Gungan that it is not possible. There is a lot of work at home. I can't go to work with me. Gangan says I don't know, I just want to go. Na says to Radha, why are you not listening to my daughter, if my daughter is saying that she wants to go for a walk, then.

 just go, Mohan says that you just get ready and all three of us are going, just listen to our daughter. This sinker Gungan becomes daughter-in-law, Gungan says that Han is ready to go to Lee Gungan in my talk. She says no, it can't be. Damani says that no matter what happens, I won't let.

 people know. Damani says that I'm trying to win. I know Gungan is doing all this on purpose. Damani says what should I do in the end. Damani says that I have to stop them. Then an idea comes in Damani's mind. Damini goes to Mohan's maan Damini starts crying hearing.

 Mohan's maan Damini tells Mohan's maan that they are going for a log walk. Damni is bitter, she is bored at home. Damani says no one asks me like that. Damni says I have to go too. I don't feel like staying at home. Damani starts crying. She sees Damini crying, she is a human.

 being, so she says, "You too go with UN Logon." Damini is very happy. Why will you take their money with you? He doesn't feel at home, he is also bored, take him with you even to use, even then Radha says Damani, why go with us, you guys also come with us, we all go together, when everyone is together, then we are. Damini.

 says I know after listening very much. Radha is doing all this on purpose because I am going with her, so Radha says I don't know, just you guys come with us, Radha adds, Radha says if you don't log, I won't go to celebrate Mohan. Min says no, we can't go, just go, Damani says we all will go, then 

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