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 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka wants to remove Lakshmi and Rishi Doon.  For the work I was in the house for, I will go to work. Maleshka says that I will stay only after getting Rishi. Maleshka says that I will never make them happy.  When Lakshmi gets away from Rishi on her own, Maleshka starts thinking that what should I do? Maleshka keeps thinking that Lakshmi is in her room, she is cleaning her room, that her paws are going to be small.  Lakshmi is not even going away Lakshmi.

is talking to everyone for a while but no one can hear Lakshmi's voice Lakshmi is in a lot of pain kshmi bahut Ro Rahi Hoti Hai Lakshmi Jaati Hai Kya Aab Main Kya Karun Mujhse  to Utha Bhi Nahin Ja Raha Tabhi vahan per Rishi's man goes one day Rishi's man sees Lakshmi, she becomes very depressed, she never calls him, all the family members go, they take Lakshmi to the hospital.  Rishi also goes to the hospital from the office. Lakshmi's pawn is broken. All the family members are.

very worried. Malishka is happy.  She says
 that now she will be sitting on the chair. Malishka says that I have not done anything with her since the bar, despite that, Malishka is in the hospital.  Malishka says that luck is with me. Malishka says why not I want to take all the sacrifices. Malishka says that I want Lakshmi Kumar.  Malishka is also very worried about Lakshmi's words. This is a real opportunity. Malishka says that I want Lakshmi not to return home from the hospital alive now. Malishka is not happy.  An idea comes to my mind, she goes to the doctor, Malishka wants.

 to work by giving money to the doctor, Malishka is bribing the doctor, a doctor's malishka, give the doctor Zahar

Wala Tika, I will give you double money for it.  I will give you as much money as you say. The doctor gets scared. The doctor says no. I am a doctor. I can't do all this. The doctor says I can go to jail.  I will not do this. Doctor is not ready to do this. This sinker is very annoying to Maleshka.  n Malishka Kahati Hai Ki Aakhir Main is Lakshmi ko Kaise Marun Malishka Kahati hai ki who will do this work for me. Malishka.

 says no problem doctor doesn't do this work so I work for myself trying to eat and go to the country.  There is no one in the room, Lakshmi is unconscious, Malishka goes in as a nurse, Malishka arrives and starts doing her work.  Malishka gets very scared and says that what should I do now, where am I? She falls from Malishka's hand. Malishka gets scared and Malishka stays.  Maleshka hides. Dr. and Rishi enter the room. When they enter the room, there is no one in the room.  Rishi says, "Who has this tikka come here?"  Saying Sh.  Then the doctor tells Rishi.  She can't do.

 what Malishka is trying to do, because the doctor says that now Lakshmi is completely fine, the doctor says that now we have to shift to these other rooms.  Malishka says why does this always happen to me? Malishka says that whenever I want to do something, it always goes wrong. Malishka says I always get lost and she  Lakshmi always wins. Malishka says that Lakshmi always survives. Malishka is very sad. Talks with Lakshmi. Rishi is also happy. Doctor says that now you can take Lakshmi home.  All the family members take Lakshmi home, Lakshmi is completely strong, the star of the nation is always the star of Maleshka.  The bar also survives.

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