Bhagya Lakshmi Today Dec 23 full episode online HD

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi show Zee TV story you see Lakshmi is very much confused Jee han friend ever since Lakshmi saw Rishi and Malaysia together because Lakshmi thinks Rishi is in love with Malaysia not me.  I used to trust Rishi all the time. I didn't want to trust Rishi. Because Rishi has no faith.

 in me. I will never forgive Rishi. Why don't I take it?  Doston, on the other hand, there is a lot of pressure with Rishi Lakshmi, why is Rishi being framed?  Mein Nahin Rahata and Malaysia Rishi ki behoshi ka fayda utha Leti Hai and dusri taraf se Malaysia apni friend se bhi kah Deti Ha because Malaysia is not doing all this alone, Malaysia's friend is also supporting Malaysia in this because  Malaysia can do anything.

 to get Lakshmi away from Rishi  This is in the planning of all this, so that Rishi's hatred will be paid and Lakshmi feels that Rishi does not love

me anymore.  My life is not touching why Rishi is not mine anymore but it has become Malaysia's Rishi.  Let me be deceived, let me live jyada etbar karti thi aur rishi ne aaj mera atbar toda Hai per main rishi.

 ko kabhi maaf nhi karungi ji han doston dusri taraf se Aayush bhi Lakshmi ko dukh Mein Dekhkar Kafi sad will appear to be happening and his writing ever  No, I am very sad that Rishi bhai has done this, but I don't even know why Rishi has done this, but I know very well that Rishi loves you very much and Rishi is.

 talking about you friends.  Lakshmi says to Aayush, Rishi does not love me. If Rishi had loved Mouni, Rishi would never have gone to the poor of Malaysia.  Tab Aayush has no plans to go to Malaysia with his sister-in-law Lakshmi. She is crazy about Rishi from Malaysia.

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