Kumkum Bhagya today 18 th Jan full episode online HD

What happened in the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya? Riya wants to get rid of Parchi and Ranveer Don.  Whenever I try to do something with Prachi, Prachi always escapes. Riya says now everyone helps the family. Riya says everyone leave the family for Prachi. The family loves Prachi a lot.  Riya says why can't I keep Prachi away from Ranveer? Riya.

 says now it's very difficult to keep Prachi away from Ranveer. Riya says now Prachi is here.  He thinks of Prachi as good, he never leaves Prachi alone.  Hai Ki Mujhe Kuchh To karna Hoga Riya Kahati Hai Ki Main Aise Chupchap To Nahin Baith Sakti Riya Khati Hai Ki Akhir Main Kya Karu  n Riya Sochne Hayati Hai Jaati At the end of what should I do with Prachi, Riya starts thinking, even then a thought comes in Riya's mind, Riya says that she is pregnant.

 with Prachan, I will not do anything with Prachi.  Seeing the sign, I will do whatever I do with her. Ria says that I will give myself a number and blame it on Prachi. Ria says that tomorrow all the family members will go somewhere.  Riya says that I won't let you go, Riya says that I will take the full sacrifice of Moke. Everyone starts going to the feast.  I can't go. Riya says I have to do something. Riya says what.

 should I do? What should I say to all these people? Even then Riya has to say no, you should stay. Prachi is pregnant, isn't she pregnant?  Take care, we can't go to Chorkar alone with Prachi. Riya says you all should go, I am with Prachi. Riya says you all will go.  Prachi is very good and everyone is very happy because of this.  Sankar Riya gets very happy Riya doesn't go with everyone in the end when Suhana comes to know that Riya is not going then Suhana starts to think that she is bitter that there is something from the sound of which Riya is not going with us.  Sahana says that as far as I am a paradise.

 for Riya, Riya can never think well of Prachi's nakedness, so how is Riya doing all this today?  Sahana says I will stay at home with Prachi. Suhana says to Pallavi that I can't go with you, I will also stay at home with Prachi.  Riya say no I am not at home with Prachi then why do you need to stay then Pallavi says Riya speaks Riya Prach  If you have her, what will you do in the house? You come with us. Suhana tries hard not to go with the UN.

 logos, so she fails in her efforts.  Riya says now see what I am doing. Everyone goes to her room. Riya makes a mark on her face with lipstick.  Riya is in her room, Pallavi calls Riya and says that even if we do it, Riya leaves her room.  They say what happened to you, who hit you? Riya starts crying. Riya is doing her acting. Riya says that you are a bad girl.  They say that Prachi has done all this. Everyone in the family says that no, Prachi can't do this.  Ur Sakti till today Prachi didn't do.

all this so how can she do it today Riya says it means you guys don't agree with my words Riya says I knew I won't talk to you Riya  Riya says because you all love Prachi a lot, Riya says why you are not listening to me, but in one way, you are thinking lies and Prachi is telling you the truth.  She calls Prachi, she is busy with her work, Prachi doesn't even know anything, even then Prachi comes. Everyone.

 in the family says to Prachi, what have you done, you have beaten Riya so much, this is Prachi, Prachi.  She says what are you all saying. Prachi says I am nothing, I didn't kill Riya. Prachi says why did I kill Riya, I didn't do anything. Still Riya says you lied, I killed myself.  Prachi says I am telling the truth, you have not hit me like this since you entered, I am in my room, I am not even awake from my work. She says no, you lied, you hit me.  You guys.

 didn't kill me because of my words. Why would I do that? Why would I kill him? Killing him is a far-fetched thing. I can't even think about it. Riya starts crying.  But there is no way. Prachi says ask her where I hit her. Even then Riya says that you hit her in the kitchen when I was making chaha. Prachi says good.  Prachi says that there are cameras installed everywhere in the kitchen. Prachi says.

 that we can see in the CCTV camera when and how much I hit you.  Riya says that what will happen now? Riya says that my lie will be cooked. All the family members say that yes, it is fine. We can see it in the CCTV camera.  They go to see in the TV camera. All the householders are jealous of not going. It is wasted in their happiness. All the householders start watching in the CCTV camera.  When they 

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