Kumkum Bhagya today Dec 19 episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ke Riya wants to get rid of Ranveer and Prachi Don. Riya says I want to get Ranveer. Riya says I want to get Ranveer.  Hati says I will keep Prachi away Riya says now I will let Prachi out of the house Riya says I will stay at the bar if I succeed in my plan Riya says I will say hi to Ranveer even then Riya starts thinking.  She says what do I want to do with Prachi? Riya says I have to separate something then she goes with Aaliya too. Riya wants to ask Aaliya what to do with Prachi.  Chahi Aaliya says you have to do your way to Pallavi first Aaliya says you go now and ISI time is talking to Pallavi.  Aaliya says you .

have to do this very soon. Aaliya says if you take your method Pallavi then understand that it is difficult for you to do all the work very easily as you say I will do the same.  Riya says you also have to help me. Riya says to Aaliya that if you tell me, what should I say to Pallavi in ​​Prachi's nakedness, which will not hurt Prachi.  Just go to Pallavi and you have to tell a lie to Pallavi as Aaliya says to Riya Riya does the same Riya goes to Pallavi Riya says to Pallavi you know what to do Prachi says I am thinking.  Today I went to Prachi, Prachi is talking about this, I was secretly listening to everything. Riya says Prachi is talking on the phone.  My n am I at home Prachi says when I have a child will I.

go alone in the world I am taking my child with me I will go away from home I will also go away from Ranveer Prachi was saying that she is at home with love.  Prachi is also saying that he is using the word "I don't like staying at home at all."  All this Riya starts telling some lies to Pallavi against Prachi. Pallavi tells Riya no Prachi can't do this. Pallavi tells Riya that Tamhan knows Prachi.  Prachi says she wants to stay in the house. Prachi doesn't want to do that. Prachi can't even think like that. This Sankar annoys Riya. Riya says that she is not listening to me. Riya is upset that what should I do now?  Riya says I don't want to lose courage. Riya says that they have to listen to my words. Still Riya starts talking about herself. Riya says I am telling the truth. I love you. Riya says I.

 am lying.  She is not talking, you have to agree with me. Riya says that Prachi is cheating you guys. Prachi will take her child with her. Pallavi also agrees with Riya's words.  Koo says now you should see what I am doing with Prachi. Pallavi says that now I just wanted to love Prachi.  I will do the same as I used to do with Prachi. Pallavi says that Prachi is not even for love.  Pallavi goes and says to Prachi that what are you thinking about what to do? Prachi is very surprised.  What were you talking about on the phone and to whom were you telling all these things that you are not in the world until the baby is born and you are at home till then?  Pallavi says why are you doing all this? Palke says don't we want to love you.  I don't love you Pallavi starts.

 telling Prachi while Prachi doesn't know anything Prachi starts crying Prachi tries to talk to Pallavi but Pallavi doesn't have anything to tell Prachi.  I go away Prachi starts crying Prachi says what the hell is she saying Prachi says it is not even about me and I was not even talking to anyone on the phone Prachi stays everything  Who should tell them? Riya is very happy to see all this. When she comes from Ranveer's office, she goes to her man. Skyman is crying. Her man tells everything to Ranveer. They say your wife.  She was doing all the talking, she was saying that when your child will go alone in the world, she will take your child from here. Pallavi says why is Prachi doing this, Pallavi is talking.

 to us, Pallavi is eating.  Ranveer says no, what are you talking about? Ranveer says Prachi can't do that, it seems like she can't even think of it.  He says who told you all this. Pallavi is silent. Pallavi says no, I will not take Riya's name. Pallavi tells a lie.  Pallavi says when I am saying not what I heard with my ears then what do you think? Ranveer says no you are telling the truth  He says I will ask Prachi now why did he do all this. Ranveer goes to his work. When he goes to his room, Prachi also goes. She says I know what.

 happened to me today. Ranveer is getting angry.  Ranveer goes and says I know what happened. Ranveer says who are you talking to on phone and why are you saying all this. Where are you going to take my child? Prachi says what are you saying.  Prachi is upset that you don't agree with me either. Prachi is upset that I didn't have this hope from you.  Ranveer says that what do you mean by saying that Meri Main is lying?  Raya is infatuated with Riya, and she is very happy to see Don. Why is Riya successful in her intentions?

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