Kumkum Bhagya today Dec 20 full episode online hd

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Rhea wants to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer Don Rhea keeps reaching out to Himisha Prachi Nixon Rhea keeps trying to kill Prachi Fe Yeh Himisha Nai Meri Zeevan Hai Do not succeed in your intentions  Riya says whatever Riya tries to do, Riya can never get rid of Ranveer and Prachi Don. Why Ranveer and Prachi Don are the best thing in the world. What should I do with Prachi? Riya says.  If I am successful in my plan, I will live.  An ID comes, Riya says I want.

 to kill Prachi, Riya goes to the kitchen and opens the gas, Riya eats, Prachi will come to the kitchen to cook, Riya says she is a guest in the house.  They are one, I know that everyone will ask Prachi to cook and not Prachi will have to do all the work. Riya says that when Asley comes to Prachi's kitchen to cook, she will catch fire.  Riya says her bad Ranveer will be mine. Riya eats at the bar, I have my own plan, I will be successful. Riya does her work and leaves the kitchen, then Pallavi comes to Riya, Pallavi passes Riya.  Prachi is pregnant. Prachi can't do so much anymore. Pallavi says to Riya that there are some guests at home, so you.

have to look after all the work and you have to cook food. We can't do so much work with Prachi.  It is necessary that Sankar likes Riya very much. Riya says no, it can't happen. Riya says what should I do now? She says I had planned to kill Prachi. Riya says matlab k Itchen Mein.  Mujhe Jana Hoga Tabhi Fauran Riya Kahati Hai Ki Mujhe

Sabse Pahle Jakar gas band karna hoga bad Mein Sochati Hun Ki Ab Main Aage Kya Karun tabhi Riya jaldi goes to kitchen and he puts gas band.  I can't. Riya says what should I do now? Riya says that now I have this log.  Riya says I can't bear all this. Riya says whenever I try to do something with Prachi, it always backfires.  Now Hoti says now you have to work with me. The guest is one, so.

 I have to cook. Riya says it was a good chance to drop Prachi in front of all the family. Riya says I will give me something.  I don't think anything.  She says HA's talk is good. Riya goes to her room. Riya starts crying. Riya says why does this always happen to me. Riya says whenever I try to do something, it's because of us.  Riya says who will I get Ranveer? Riya says that ever since Prachi came to know that Prachi is pregnant, everyone in the family cares a lot about Prachi.  From now on I have become a maid of the house, that madam will rest and I will continue to do housework.  She says I have to cook very good food. Riya says don't let it happen that everyone in the family says she doesn't make good food. Prachi cooks very good.

 food. Everyone in the family should not rate Prachi.  ki Tarif na karne lag jaen riya khati hai that no I will not be like this Dungi Riya Kahati hai ki Mujhe Pata hai Main Itna Acha Khana Nahin Bana Sakti  Riya Kahati Hai Ki Main koshiish bana riya kahati hai happily goes after cooking Riya takes good care of all the work and the food is also prepared when all the family members and guests eat then they like the food very much so Riya  Riya is getting very happy. Prachi is also very happy seeing Riya. Prachi says that she has done very well for the first time. Prachi says that now  She has brought her own life. She says that she has always done her work like this and she has always taken care of the house. Riya is very happy with her Tariq.  The plan is gone, Riya says look how happy all.

 the family members are. Riya says that finally there is a place for me in the heart of the family. The guests leave. Riya is in her room. Palvi goes to Riya.  She says that I wanted to say good things to you today and you have done all the work very well today, you have taken care of the whole house alone.  It is no less than that.  Today you have won my heart, today you have made me happy. Riya says not me, you have made everyone happy today.  The family members are happy with me. Riya says now let's see what I will do next. Riya says that I will take all the family members for my sake.  Rahungi Riya says all the family members have gone to me now so now it will be easy for me to get Ranveer Riya gets very happy.

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