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In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Anjali wants to get rid of Karan and Preeta Don. Anjali wants to marry Karan. Anjali says they can never be happy without me. Anjali is upset that I have to get Preeta out of the house. Anjali is thinking about what to do. Shirleen calls Anjali. Sherleen tells Anjali that I need your help. I need some money from Anja. Shirleen says no, what are you saying? Shirleen says I always help you, now you also have to marry me. Shirleen says I do what you tell me. Sharleen says I don't know, you have to love me, you have to give.

 me money, Anjali is upset that it feels good, I am thinking something while waiting for money, I tell Anjali, she is very worried, Anjali is upset. What should I do now? Anjali says where in the world do I get this money? Anjali says she always helps me. Anjali says you have to ask me. anjali sochne lag Jaati Hai Tabhi Anjali ke Dimag Mein Ek ID Aata Hai Anjali Sherlyn ko phone karti hai Anjali says I can't give you such money, I don't think I don't have money but I can give you all the ornaments of the family. I can give it. Anjali says that you have to send some goons to take all the jewelery at night and ask them to steal it. Anjali says that she should.

 take everyone's jewels. Anjali is upset that now you have to see who you will take that jewel from. Anjali says that I will take care of it all. I am calling madad Leti hun Anjali says thek is your masala what do you have to do then Charlene calls Prithvi Charlene tells Prithvi I need your help Prithvi says Mahain she says no ki vesi toh You guys don't remember me but when work has to be done Tab let me remember. Shirleen says you have to go to Anjali's house and you have to hide all the jewelery from there at night, you have to steal from the car. will go and you will not go pakre why why vahan fi anjali sab sambhal lagi prithvi ke to hai to work with me.

prithvi kisa hai ki main bhi pyare aap saat. I will also give you money to do the work. Prithvi agrees to do the work. On the other hand, Anjali is thinking what to do with all the family members. Even then, Anjali says that I will give the money to all the family members. The one who gives sleeping pills to Ko gives Sola. All the family members go peacefully. Anjali is very happy. Anjali is upset that now I can do whatever I want. Anjali says I have your plan. I will be successful. It's still night and

Prithvi sneaks into the house. Prithvi takes all the ornaments. Anjali and Prithvi are getting very happy. They give, they don half and half hesa, they don are very happy. When they are done, they become.

 worried. Everyone in the family says where have the last jewels gone. Anjali hides her jewels. Anjali also hides her jewelry. Anjali says that I don't have any jewelry. Anjali also starts crying. There has been a theft in our house. Thieves have taken all our jewels. All the family members are very worried. All the family members say that Haman thinks so. Our house has been stolen. Karan says that I I am going to the police station now this is Sankar Anjali is scared Anjali says no this should not happen Anjali is upset what.

 should I do now Anjali says I have to do something I have to stop Karan I have an idea Anjali faints Anjali Anjali starts acting and says that surfing is one way to stop acting. Everyone in the house gets very worried seeing Anjali, even then she doesn't know what to do. ko Bulane ke liye Chala Jata Hai Akhir Anjali Apne iradon Mein Kamyab Ho Jaati Hai Anjali gets what she wants to do, Anjali gets saved from Hamisha's troop, Anjali's work gets done and Anjali doesn't know Pakdi is happy. Anjali succeeds in her intentions

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