Radha Mohan today Dec 18 full episode hd

 Drama Serial Radha wants Mohan to remove Radha and Mohan done. I am trying, I will do it. Damani says that my plan always fails. She tells him with a voice that it will not happen now, so I have to say that my plan has failed. She goes that what should I do now? Other side Radha is very worried. Radha says that Damini has taken away our happiness. Radha says that this Damini lives in our house. Radha says she keeps trying to get.

 Gungan's number too. Radha says I have to send her away from Gungan. Tara can't see, Radha says she will stay in the house till she sleeps, till then no one will be happy in the house. Radha says last thing. Radha says that I have to do something. Radha says that you need Wajah to get Damini out. The family members will also ask me for Wajah. Even then Radha starts thinking that they will want to talk about Radha. Radha leaves the house at that time, Radha even goes to Damani's room to take revenge against Damani. Pick up Damini's mobile and see who she contacts. Radha.

 fails in her intention. Radha tries hard. She fails in her efforts. She can't check Damini's mobile but Radha is upset. If I don't accept everything, Radha is bitter, or if I will stay after finding out, even then Radha leaves the house, now she sees the dirty use of Radha, who always helps Damani from us. kept and the one who kidnapped Radha is that man. Radha is used to seeing the man. Radha goes far. Radha says I have to go to this man. Rah Gaya will tell a lot against Damini and will you tell me anything against Damini, Radha says how can I file an FIR? Radha says that Radha is upset, what to do in the end, then an idea comes in Radha's mind. Damini.

 goes to the bakery Use Radha goes to the man and she tries to talk to him Use The goon doesn't know at all that it's someone else Use

The goon knows that it's this It's this Use He starts asking for money from Damani, he says that till today I have been doing your work, so give me money, Radha, I was making a video of everything. Radha says that if I want evidence against Damini, then the video will have been made, then use Radha, she starts talking to the man like that. He says that he tells everything against Damini, what did you do? On your request, I had kidnapped Radha, even on your request, I tried to get Gungan's number many times and I on your.

 request. All that's left is to make a video, Radha listens to all this and leaves to do her work. Radha becomes very happy. Radha says that now I have got the proof. Can't stop the use of Damini Se Nikalwane Ke Liye Radha Bahut Kush Ho Jaati Hai Tabhi Radha Ghar Ja Rahi Hoti Hai Radha Ghar Jaati Hai Ki Age Damini Radha se Larne lag Jaati Hai Damini Kahati Hai Where did you go you don't know That housework is work, so you left all the housework as it is. Who will do this work for you? Lagga hai Radha says that I wanted you to.

 do some work, but Damani says that I know, then in Mohan's office. Damini is upset to meet Mohan that you can't follow Mohan. Damini says that why don't you steal Mohan. This Sankar is very angry with Radha and leaves. Radha says that you are here. Radha says yes, I am Mohan's wife. Damani says I will become Mohan's wife very soon. Even in the story of will be done and you will not be able to do anything, even then Radha comes.

 with a plea. This will be a disaster. What are you saying, even then all the family members also go, all the family members say, Radha, what are you saying, what has Damani done, and why are you saying all these things to Damani, family members? Koo sees the video, when everyone in the family watches that video, she gets very surprised. Damani is also very surprised. Damani is .

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