Radha Mohan today Dec 22 full episode online HD

 In the Radha Mohan update episode, you guys are going to see Gungan has now made her friend Radha a bride, yes friends and Tulsi will also be seen supporting Radha.  And Mohan is Radha's, but Damani's mother and the rest of the family, Mohan and Radha will not have to be one, so Gungan lies to her father Mohan and he says that I am happy with the marriage, why did you marry.

 Damani.  are doing  Hain Tab Mohan is also quite confused when he hears Damani's name from his daughter Gangan's man and says to his mother Kaal Tu Gungan used to hate Damani and today's usage is good.  They will say to Mohan, leave the things between you, this is the time you have to marry Damini because a lot has happened in the first place and now.

 I don't want anything else and you get married with Damini yes we are two.  .  He misses Radha, why is Mohan not happy with the marriage, because Radha has proposed to Mohan and now Mohan also knows that Radha loves me, why should I not want to marry Radha?  I don't know Radha is sitting quietly behind the bell and all this Tulsi is humming.  I will.

 understand only time it can't be Damini because it is Radha's hand because Mohan loves Radha and also understands Radha's feelings and Damani is going to faint from the world.  Karna hai jati ki Kiran Damani faints and now dam is going to regain consciousness and will be shown to you people with a beautiful performance.  Radha is behind and Radha.

 has made me unconscious. Radha has tried to take my life.  Big trouble is coming and you guys will see very soon when Radha people are first Tab Mohan will be seen supporting Radha you guys and Gungan will also be happy to see his father supporting Radha.  Gangan will also be seen supporting her father. You.

 will also say to Momini Dahan, what are you talking about?  Do you want to get married, friend, now Damani and Mohan will get married, you are in the comment section because now Mohan has also come to know that Radha is also in love with me. 

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