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 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Maleshka wants to remove Rishi and Lakshmi Don Ke.  I can go, Maleshka says I can kill anyone to get Rishi, Maleshka says that whenever I try to do something with Lakshmi, Lakshmi always escapes and I don't get it.  Dingi Maleshka says that now I will be successful in my intentions. Maleshka says that I came home for the purpose, now I have completed Mumbai and I will leave home. Maleshka says that I want to get Rishi.  How easy will I let Rishi not have Lakshmi? Maleshka says I will kill Lakshmi. Maleshka says I just.

 did what I had to do with Laxmi.  Kushish is always saved Lakshmi Malishka says now I won't do anything to Lakshmi Malishka says if I have to learn to get Rishi Malishka says I just tried to talk to Rishi with love.  But dearly, Rishi is not listening to me. Maleshka says that I just had to talk to Rishi dearly. Now I will see Rishi too, what can I do? Rishi gets a new job from the office.  He has his own hotel, the hotel is in Rishi's name. Malishka says I maligned Rishi's name and Dongi orders Rishi to cook food.  Rishi is happy too. Malishka can't bear everyone's happiness. Malishka says I can't see everyone happy.  I will.

Twist and Bhagya Lakshmi. Zee TV

 change Logon's happiness to us.  Hai Malishka Balvinder ko is Kam ke Liye Paise Deti Hai Balvinder Hamesha Ki Tarah to do this also Taiyar Ho Jata Hai Malishka Balvinder ko Kahati Mehen Hotel Jainke and the food that Rishi will have prepared you have to spoil the food you use.  I have to get poison. Balwinder gets very scared. Balwinder says, "No, I can't do this. It's difficult."  Hai Ki Nai I can't do this, says Malishka to Balvinder  ki mein tum se baat hai ada paisa dongi me than before zida paisa dongi you have to do this work Balvinder gets ready for work Balvinder goes to Rishi's hotel in secret.

 he changes his clothes he becomes a waiter  As Javinder.  Zahar Mila Deta Hai Jaisa Malishka Balvinder ko Kahati hai ki Vaise hi Balvinder Karta Hai Balvinder Apna Kam Karke vahan Se Chala Jata Hai Rashi ko pata nahin chalta ki khane Mein Kuchh Milaya gaya hai Rishi Chuck does not even do everything.  When people start talking, everyone vomits and everyone's health becomes very difficult. Rishi gets very depressed seeing all the people.  He takes him to the hospital. All the family members are very worried. Lakshmi is also very worried. They check on Dr. Marzoon and he says that he has eaten something poisonous due to the sound of which he has got this condition. Sankar Rishi is shocked.  Hai Rishi says that this could happen to whom, even then the media people also go together, they also come to know that the sound of eating food has.

Lakshmi. Drama Serial Zee TV

 caused them to have this condition, so they start questioning Rei that they are eating.  You had made it, what had you mixed in the food, and from the sound of eating food, they have become like this. You did not make the food, now you tell me what you mixed in it.  Rishi is very worried and all the family members are also very worried.  They say you can be jailed too, why did you try to tell the truth and what have you mixed in your food?  .  Rishi himself doesn't even know who has done all this. Malishka is happy. Malishka says that now Rishi will know who Rishi's pal is on. Media people say that now Rishi has to go to jail.  isane Sab Logon Ki Jaan Lene Ki.

Koshish Ki Hai Iski wajah Se Hi Inki Yah Halat Hui Hai Is Case Mein Hamen Rishi ko Jail Bejna Hoga Yah Sunkar Lakshmi Bahut Parishan Ho Jaati Hai Lakshmi Kahati Hai Ki Nahin Yah Nahin Ho Sakta Hai Kahati do anything  If Rishi has to be saved, then Lakshmi goes there. Lakshmi answers the media all but Lakh. She says that Rishi is silent, it doesn't mean that he is guilty. Lakshmi says I don't know, don't do anything.  Lakshmi's reply to the UN media persons is that Hamisha's star Lakshmi saves Rishi once again.

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