Bhagya Lakshmi Jan th 29 full episode hd

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV you will see Priya getting ready to marry Balwinder. Lakshmi is ready to use why and tells Priya that you should not make a mess.  Dosto Priya denies Lakshmi's talk and goes to the stage to marry Balvendra.Pe Lakshmi also goes to the stage behind Priya and on the other.

 hand Shalo and Banu are very happy and nothing happens in the world.  Seeing Shalo happy, he goes to Shalo. Talk to Shalo. Tab Shalo says to Aayush why are you happy to him. Tab says to Shalo she is happy because Rishi bhai's plan is good for him.  Rishi's plan will be shown.

 telling you, Tab Shallow Sankar will show you people getting very worried why Shallow has changed his bride, now Rishi is accompanied by Priya Beti on stage, with whom Sankar is also fond of Aayush.  Is.  And Shalo says what did you do? You wanted to tell me if there.

 was such a thing, what should I do now?  Rishi will call me yes friends Aayush will be seen calling Rishi but Rishi will not receive Aayush's call but Rishi will know that something is wrong so Rishi will leave there under the pretext of leaving.  The stage will see you running and.

 Lakshmi is hiding in her room from traveling the world. Rishi also reaches Lakshmi's room. Seeing Lakshmi with him, Rishi will have a lot of romance with Lakshmi.  Another new twist in the serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you will see why Malaysia is present on the car.

and is engaged in misting Rishi, but Malaysia does not

see Rishi anywhere.  And talking to Neelam she goes to Neelam and says to Neelam once this marriage is done I won't have any problem because you know Rishi's Rishi goes to Lakshmi's talk and Lakshmi knows that she  Lakshmi is always using Rishi for her.

 purpose Taki write to stay away from Rishi Muni now none of Lakshmi's plans will work on me because Lakshmi is now in Hamisha's life and today I am very happy that's all.  Yes, friends, Neelam will be very happy when she sees Malaysia happy because Neelam also wants Rishi to spend his life with Malaysia.

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