Bhagya Lakshmi Today 12 Jan full episode online HD

Bhagilakshmi Main is going to be very interesting to watch. In the upcoming episode you will see Rishi falling for his mother. I don't think so. Today, there will be no such scandal. Yes, friends, Rishi's mother says to Rishi that whatever you have done, you will get it from you because you have a relationship with Malaysia.

 and the relationship is not with you. Milgi and I want you to leave Abra Parivar. Yes friends, Sankar Ayush gets very angry and tells his Neelam aunty, you are doing very wrong, you should not like to do this if you are your son Yes, friends, Aayush's mother is also going to take Rishi's site and will be seen begging in front.

 of Neelam. You will tell Logon and Neelam. Why are you not forgiving? Yes, friends, Tab Rishi's father will tell his sister to keep quiet, because they don't ask about our and our son's dreams. Whatever Rishi has done today, I will never be able to show my face to anyone and on the other hand Sonia will say to Rishi, Rishi bhai, why.

 don't you let me marry a Malaysian. Ko toda hai why don't you guys get married these friends will say to Tab Rishi Sonia I can't marry malaysia you know this very well why I love Lakshmi Tab Neelam Rishi will say now Lakshmi Mishmi nihari life You have gone with devas and you too are after Lakshmi Rishi you have.

gone mad you want to forget Lakshmi and remember everything you have done why do you want life now huke Ho Ji han doston tab Rishi will say to his family that I have not taken a day from Lakshmi, Milkar Lakshmi has taken a day from me and I still love her dearly. It wants to happen. There will be a lot more to see in this story. Why is Karan now not happy with.

 marriage? Why has Karan also told Malaysia that I am now yours? If you get married Rishi doesn't love you then there is no point of marriage and I want to see you happy all the time if you get married to Rishi then Rishi will not give you the love you want from me. Be ready and take Lakshmi with you

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