Bhagya Lakshmi today 12 Jan full episode hd

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV Rishi Apna Pramada To Chacha Hai Ji Haan Dost Rishi had promised marriage to Malaysia, but now Rishi Apna Pramada To Chacha Hai, so that Malaysia will be seen as a lot more pressured. Remembering Rishi is very sad because Lakshmi remembers Rishi in one way, Lakshmi is very angry.

 with Rishi and Rishi knows this very well because Rishi's face is so sad that Rishi is very sad. It happens and he goes to Lakshmi's house to meet Lakshmi. Rishi like a friend goes to Lakshmi's house to meet Lakshmi. Then Lakshmi sees Rishi and Rishi says we have no relationship between you and me. I already wanted it, I.

 tried very hard to talk to you, Rishi FIR, you went with me, what do you want? Ki Lakin this heart can't stay away from you yes friends from the front Lakshmi says to Rishi after all you Rishi it is difficult to pass by you Uske jabbaton se khela hai aur tumne Malaysia ka galat istemal Kya Hai Rishi I never thought of you.

 like this. Rishi, why did you do this, why did you break my heart, why did you give me so much love? Therefore, there will be no alphas why Lakshmi never believes anything of Rishi because Lakshmi has seen Rishi with her own eyes with Manisha, so Lakshmi Rishi does not do Yakin now and this is also a matter of talking.

to Rishi to take Lakshmi. Will Lakshmi go with Rishi, you guys, we have to tell you why Aayush also wants Lakshmi Bhabhi to go and stay between us again. Is it the case that Neelam is also in love with Rishi and Neelum has already seen Rishi decorated with her own hand and passed from Dehi Loki Dehi to writing in the Malaysian plane? Ayush has also given.

 a warning to Malaysia and told Malaysia that It is enough, I will bring your truth to everyone very soon, Malaysia. If you have something to say to me, tell me now. I will not hesitate to tell you because I know you very well. I know all this is not your plan. .

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