Bhagya Lakshmi today 14 th jan full episode hd

Bhagya Lakshmi Today 13 Jan episode.

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Rishi is going to get a big news. Jee Haan Dostun Rishi's talk Ahna now tell Rishi the truth about Malaysia because Ahna has seen Malaysia talking to Sonal and says that there is a good thing in Malaysia.  I feel like she is pretending not to listen.

 to us. Sonal tells Malaysia from the front. You don't need to be afraid. Even if you listen to her, no one will listen to her. These friends tell Tab Malaysia that someone else is talking.  Believe it or not but Rishi Juraor Maniga Kyunki Rishi loves his word Aahna a lot and trusts everything.

 Aana says Jee Haan friend Malaysia will now be seen going after Aahna Aap brings logon to Kyunki.  Aahna is all heavenly in our bad, that's why we follow Aahna, she reaches to Aahna's room and sometimes we know when we are coming, the use is also known.  She tells Rishi and.

 Milkar goes to Rishi's room until Malaysia leaves there, but Malaysia doesn't stop chasing Anna and keeps on searching.  ko lagta hai If malaysia gets to know about my naked malaysia will create some problem for me which i don't want at all because i don't want to see rishi and.

 lakshmi.  I always want Rishi and Lakshmi to stay together and be happy, but Lakshmi and Rishi are not able to be together because of Malaysia's voice.  I will finish by myself yes guys this sigh will show him saying you guys and on the other hand Neelam is quite happy.

because Neelam thinks I am talking and ready to marry malaysia but Neelam  There is this misunderstanding. Rishi no longer wants to marry, so he has already told Malaysia, but Manisha has not given up on her efforts.  Keep sharing new updates on your side

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