Bhagya Lakshmi Today 15 th Jan full episode hd

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV, you will see Rishi thinking about what he has to do now in life. Rishi himself has seen with his own eyes that Lakshmi is now going to marry Balvendra, so Rishi now wonders why I should move in my life now. Rishi knows that I have no problem then in my marriage. Why did I not.

 do anything wrong with Lakshmi, but whatever happened to me, because my family has also started hating me now, it was only because of my mistake that I gave up to Lakshmi. All this Rishi will be seen saying to his brother Aayush to you people and from now on Aayush will also say to his brother Rishi Lakshmi has.

 never cheated on you Lakshmi has seen what Lakshmi has seen in you from the heart. They are in love and Lakshmi's heart is broken seeing you with Manisha why Lakshmi always considered you as hers and she never wanted to lose you but Rishi Bhai's situation is also not related to such a marriage. Friends, on the.

 other hand, Lakshmi will remember Rishi and give you a sad look. She remembers only Rishi and uses Rishi all the time. This friend Shalo will also say to her sister Lakshmi, Lakshmi, you are going to make a big mistake. I don't want to tell you that I'm in love with you, but you want to make Rishi one time. Why did you.

 not do well and you ignore all of Rishi's words? These friends say to their sister in Tablaksh that it is too late, now I am gone from Rishi's life, now we want to be one. Can't be and Shalo Yah you are good heaven please go away from here leave me alone I am not allowed to talk to you friend Shalo will be seen leaving her sister.

Lakshmi alone and you will be seen calling Logon and Aayush. . You will ask Aayush to do something, Lakshmi is not listening to me, please listen to Rishi and use it. Friends, from now on, Aayush will also say this to Shalo. Now Rishi is not listening to me. My brother has been neglected a lot by whose words Rishi's heart is also very broken. Rishi is also not going.

 to follow Lakshmi now. Will this marriage be possible? iAayush Rishi Se Kiya Hua Vada Pura Nahin Kar Saka Yah Doston Jaisa Aayush Ne Kaha Tha Vaisa Aayush Ne Kaha Tha Vaisa Aayush Ne Kaha Tha Ki Main Tumhari Begunahi ke saboot bahut jald tumhari family ko lakar Dunga lekin Aayush nahi Buchhkar Pay

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