Bhagya Lakshmi Today 16 Jan full episode hd

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you are going to watch the log. Rishi is now quite angry. Yes, like friends, Malaysia comes to Rishi's house. Tab Rishi is very angry with Malaysia. Rishi is still very worried. Malaysia is getting married to Rishi. Rishi's words will make Rishi even more worried by the sound of which Rishi will be seen reacting in anger to you.

 and on the other hand Neelam will also be angry with Rishi and will say to Rishi, You will realize your mistake but in Rishi you are seeing something else that poor thing loves you Rishi why don't you understand one way yes friends love me further no I love Lakshmi so my love is you Why don't you see logon, you all are worried about malaysia and I don't even think.

 about anyone Lakshmi ji wants to marry Manisha and malaysia will be married to Lakshmi in the upcoming marriage with Himesh Rakhu ji han dostun ab rishi You guys will be seen taking Manisha's hand and taking her to Lakshmi's house. Lakshmi Lakshmi has come to take Ranun from here because Ranun has made a.

 deal for Lakshmi with Balvendra and has told Balvendra that now I will marry Lakshmi with you and you will give me the amount that I am bigger than you. She will show you people and say to Rishi that you should leave here. You have no right to come here because you have divorced Lakshmi and you are not allowed to come here. Yes, you are not friends.

with anyone. . Please shut up, let me talk to Rishi, Lakshmi says to Rishi, what did you come here to do, I didn't want to come here, yes, friends. You used to say all the time that you should marry Malaysia, today I will marry you and you will marry us. You will do it with your own hand, you will tell us in the comment section why Lakshmi is also in love with Rishi, will.

 Lakshmi share her Rishi with Malaysia? After seeing Lakshmi's behavior, Rishi also wants me to make Lakshmi feel sad and realize that not only I love her, but she also loves me, but Lakshmi also loves me. She will be seen hiding from Rishi and you will see her very soon

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