Bhagya Lakshmi Today 17 Jan full episode hd

 The next episode of Serial Bhagya Lakshmi is going to be very interesting in which you are going to see Log Rishi in a state of happiness. Lakshmi is going to marry Balwinder, seeing which Rishi is very angry and has also told Lakshmi that if you marry Balwinder, I will not.

 leave Balwinder alive, why can't we marry you? Friends, now Lakshmi has come to her senses and told Rishi that if I marry Karun, you will marry me to Bhupendra and no one can stop me. Rishi, you are my lover, you have no right to me. Celebrate marriage because you have.

 already cheated on me. I have done it, now I don't care if I want to marry anyone, even if it is Balvinder. Yes, friends, from all over the world. When they find out that Balvendra is going to marry Lakshmi, Ayyoshi talks to Balvendra in his office to stop the marriage as Ayush.

 wants Balvendra not to marry Lakshmi and he says that he is willing. We will give you so much money that even if your future generations eat it, it will not end. I want you to stay here and pray for Lakshmi but Balvendra Ayush says I won't because I love Lakshmi and this money, can.

 I do anything for Lakshmi? Today you people are saying that you should leave Lakshmi and go away. It can never happen that Balvinder leaves Lakshmi and goes away. I will not see Lakshmi as a cheat anymore. Yes, friends, Balvinder will be seen saying all this to Ayush.

and Rishi's father. Now you won't come between us why Lakshmi is going to do this marriage of her own free will and you people this is good heaven and on the other

hand Ranun will be seen preparing Lakshmi I will want to marry you and now someone It is not difficult.

 because Ranan has taken a lot of marriage money from Balwinder and promises Balwinder that he will marry you with Lakshmi and now Lakshmi is also a man for marriage.

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