Bhagya Lakshmi Today 18 th Jan full episode hd

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV story, you are going to see Logon, Rishi has told Lakshmi that you will not marry Balvendra because you have agreed to my talk, Lakshmi Jeesi Tamne Kaho Ki Tum Jaa Mein for marriage. Manisha is proposed in front of you till you like it yes friends

Rishi also says this to Lakshmi.

 Lakshmi I can do anything for your happiness and that you are heaven with good and not with you my marriage is with you Gunde Mavali. Get married, if Lakshmi is married to Balwinder, then your life will be ruined. Yes, friends. Later, Lakshmi also says to Rishi, My life is already ruined. Have I ever loved you in such.

 a bad way in my life? My misunderstanding was good. You cleared my misunderstanding. Otherwise, I don't know what I was thinking. Yes, friends, this will make even Sankar Rishi happy. He will tell Lakshmi. I don't know why I wrote all this I know for sure that even today I respect you Lakshmi and even.

 today I have a lot of love for you in my heart but you don't believe me. I am telling you sincerely, will you play friends and Lakshmi and Rishi Ek Ho, Aap Logon Na Hum Batana Hai Why? There is no happiness but Rishi is doing all this to keep his family and Lakshmi ji happy and Aayush knows this very well.

and Aayush has to say to his brother Rishi I know you are doing it for your family. You are doing it for Neelam aunty because you love your mother so much so you are obeying your mother but what about Lakshmi who loves you Lakshmi we love you. You can even win her heart if you want, then this friend


 the front, Rishi says to her, I am trying hard to get Lakshmi for myself, I do not accept any of Lakshmi's words and this marriage also I used us by talking about Lakshmi. You don't have the guts to ask Jante, why do you all ask this to Lakshmi?

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