Bhagya Lakshmi Today 20 th Jan full episode online HD

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV story has become very interesting because now Lakshmi has given her decision, Lakshmi has told Shalu that I am now married to Balwinder, Gujrangi with Balwinder in my life and Rishi from me till now. No, I don't care, so why should I hurt.

 myself by thinking about Rishi's nakedness? Writing did not get me anything I was always wrong because I thought that Rishi Sarf loves me and I don't want to write to anyone but now I feel sad every time I think in my nakedness what was Rishi. Nai mera Vishwas.

 Toda hai Yes friends, Shalo says to Lakshmi from the front, this misunderstanding of yours can also be a mistake, do you know what you have seen can also be a mistake? He can do wrong with you because he loves you so much and this Lakshmi, you are a good heaven, but still you.

 say that you are two brothers from me. Koo says you need time to think why call is Lakshmi's marriage with Balvendra and Lakshmi will be Balvendra's for Hamisha. Yes, now we are divorced and I can't do anything and Dasra Lakshmi also hates me because Lakshmi is not happy.

 even after seeing my appearance, she will ask us. I am not going to keep quiet either. I will do something to stop this marriage. Friends, what will Aayush do? If this marriage stops, call the police. Run away and Police Balvinder ko Dhundh Rahi Hoti Hai and Bahut jald Police.

Balvinder Tak Bhi Pahunchti Hui dikhai degi aap Logon Ko Kyunkeali Police Arrested and you guys will see very soon when Shalo will join hands

with her aunt and say please stop this marriage. Don't marry Lakshmi with Balwinder I can't do everything because my marriage is married and you have seen it now.

 we can't stop the marriage if we stop this marriage Balwinder my daughter Sonia will not get married and this Shalo you are Jannati Ho I am my daughter's life Lakshmi. Not for the sake of Barbadi will stay with Balvendra from Lakshmi

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