Bhagya Lakshmi Today 21 the Jan full episode hd

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi you guys are going to see Lakshmi is very worried seeing her two excuses why Shalu is flirting with Lakshmi and says to her sister Lakshmi please I am marrying Balvinder no one from Balvinder Balvinder Achcha Insan  Hota To Rishi Kumar Ki Koshish Na karta Kyunki usne Kai bar Rishi.

 ko marne ki koshish ki hai And Lakshmi may heaven be your best yet you don't know Balvinder Se Shaadi Kyon karni hai ji han doskhon se baaphani shabla .  Ki Balvinder loves me that's why he is doing all this why does Balvinder go that I am his because he used to create problems for Rishi now nothing will be.

 wrong because I touched Rishi's life once.  Will be.  Walon Ko Bhi Yahi Lagta Tha Ki Jab Bhi Rishi Munshi Badal Mein Padta Hai to uska Karan main Hoti Hun Lekin Bahut Kuchh Sun Lia Maine Neelam Aunty Se Bus Ab Mujhe Kisi Se Kuchh Nahin Sun Na I have to do what I want yes friends  Lakshmi now wants to get.

 married to Balwinder which come everyone doesn't want her sister to get married to dirty Balwinder so lets call Ayush and use marriage bid stop if you want you can stop this marriage because  I think Rishi has a lot of love for Lakshmi right now. Lakshmi is also looking for Rishi in his heart. Please Ayush, just.

 say Rishi. Talk to Lakshmi.  I don't want to talk to Rishi that Jeetna Pyaar, you talk about Lakshmi, why doesn't he also want to love Lakshmi Bhabhi in Jeyada.  Lakshmi is back here in your Parivar. Infect Rishi's father also wants to use Lakshya's marriage.  By stopping writing Balwinder refused to take money from.

us because Balwinder is obsessed with Lakshmi and would do anything to get Lakshmi even we logon rejected Balwinder's offer to write 10 Now Shalo  You tell me what should I do. Stop this marriage. If you have any ideas, please tell me why. I have also tried hard to convince Rishi. Look, now Rishi is not getting married to Lakshmi.  But Rishi was very angry after listening to me

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