Bhagya Lakshmi Today 22 th Jan full episode hd

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi May Aayush is going to go to Lakshmi's house. Yes, friends, Rishi's date comes to know that today is Lakshmi's wedding. Rishi's father Aayush says Rishi can't do anything, please stop the wedding. I don't want my daughter's marriage to be used with Balwinder because Balwinder is a bad.

 person and he will ruin Lakshmi's life so Aayush is going to go to Abhilakshmi's house, he is going to use the ballad written by his sister-in-law Lakhoshan and runa's. He is going home very soon you guys will see when Aayush goes to Lakshmi's room Lakshmi asks Aayush what are you doing tab Aayush says to Lakshmi.

 I'm here give me what you're doing. Shalu hears Ayush's voice and understands. Shalu realizes that it is Ayush. So when Shalu sees her aunt Rana coming in the form of Lakshmi, she hides Ayush in our room. Why is Rana waiting so much money for the wedding? Why is Neelam saying to Rana that if you marry Lakshmi.

 to Balvendra, I will give you so much money that you will not see it comfortably, even Lakshmi does not want to ever. Oberoi came to Parivar why Neelam hates Lakshmi so Neelam is here so that Rishi can get married to Malaysia because Karan Neelam is very good and Karan is friendly with us jud Jaaye Kyunki Ab To.

 Rishi Bhi Shadi Ke Liye Man Chuka Hai Lekin Neelam ki Yah Galatfahmi Hoti Hai Rishi Yah Shaadi Gusse Mein Akar Kar Raha Hota Hai Hakikat Mein To Rishi Abi Bhi Lakshmi Se Pyar Karta Hai Aur Reche Bahya Date Knows It Is Silent So Why Use Surf Rishi With The Voice Of Gulati Rishikesh also wants.

Rishi's marriage not to be with Malaysia, but despite Rishi's date, this marriage I can't stop because the situation is like that, so Rishi's history is nothing, he just wants Lakshmi to be Balvinder's friend, will Ayush's friend

understand Lakshmi? . Why is she doing this marriage.

 on Rishi's behalf? Why is Lakshmi's heart broken now and Lakshmi is serious about Rishi and Manisha? Was passing time with me Rishi didn't love me Rishi loved Malaysia

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