Bhagya Lakshmi Today 23 th Jan full episode hd

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV, you will see that Aayush has taken Lakshmi with him but Shalo remains there because Aayush hastily takes Lakshmi with him so let Chalo go with him. dusri taraf se Ranon, when Lakshmi comes to pick up Tab Lakshmi from Uske's room, Tab.

 Lakshmi has left the vehicle, why does Ayush take Tab with him? Tab talks quietly in Lakshmi's room. Kari Shalo shows up in a bridal dress and uses her leaves taking Bihar with her why does Ranun think it is Lakshmi but now there is going to be a big mess here okay ask Aayush.

 to write Lakshmi Wow, I don't know that Shalu is with Rano from behind and Rano can do anything with Shalu. Why did Ranun say goodbye to Neelam? Instead of ki shaadi being with Lakshmi, Balvinder ki shadi Shalu Se Hoti Hui Dikhai Degi Aap Logon Ko Ji Han Doston Aap Sabhi.

 log Shalu ko Lekar bahut hi jyada Pareshan Hote hue dikhai denge aap Logon ki shadi ki koi appears to be risking her life. Rahi hai why Shalu loved her sister so much and Shalu thought if I marry Balwinder If Balwinder will spare my sister Lakshmi's life, FIR does not want.

 Lakshmi to marry Balwinder. But Shalo doesn't know what will happen to Aayush's heart if I do all this because Aayush also loves Shalo and Shalo is very happy with this but they are too shy to tell each other. Aayush Wapas Loutane Wala Hai Balvinder ke Han Kyunki Aayush.

Janna Chahta tha What happens behind Lakshmi's departure isliye Ayushya Sab Dekhne Jaise hi Wapas Lautata Hai Tab Balvinder Aur Shalu ki Shadi Hoti Hai Tab Ayush will

see you very sad. Logon ko why Aayush Ka Dil To Hai and Shalo Ni Aayush Ka Dil To Daya Hai After.

 marrying Balwinder, will friend Aayush forgive Shalo, you will share every new update of the drama serial of Bitana with you guys in the comment section. Karta raha hai karta raha hai my site for Serial Bhagya Lakshmi fan show thank you Zee TV

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