Bhagya Lakshmi Today 24 th Jan full episode online HD

 You guys are going to watch serial Bhagya Lakshmi Shivaji on TV.  No Ayush is going to go to Lakshmi's house now on Rishi's request and you will see very soon when Ayush will go to Lakshmi's house and use the insult that she can't get married because you Rishi won't marry you, wife, watch out friend.  Seeing which Shalo is also very happy and hugs Aayush.

 and says to Aayush that I will take this favor from you with my life. Tab Lakshmi says to Aayush, look at you, they want to leave us, so I saw you here.  He can do anything to you, I don't want anything to happen to you, that's why I'm saying, what's the use, go away from here, please let me do this marriage, now.

 Rishi and my love for you is nothing.  Daring is done, if Rishi was worried, he would have come himself and not send you.  Before you, I don't even have the courage to go to him. He makes Lakshmi unconscious and takes Lakshmi with him.  Balendra to Lakshmi Baland's daughter.  meet in bridal dress yes.

 friends Shalo has already planned why Balwinder cheated on his girlfriend and Balwinder's girlfriend meets Shalo and says Balwinder stop marrying you usne.  Tumhari bahan se shaadi Kar li to tumhari bahan ki life bhi barbad Kar Dega Jis Tarah Se usne He has talked about my life He has asked me to marry me.

 He has been in a relationship with me and now I have saved him I you do something that  I will get married to Balwinder yes friends aap Shalo will do something that Balwinder's girlfriend will now become Balwinder's wife and you guys will see very soon when we will get a girl from our marriage Tab Rishi's father.

is also there.  But will stand up and be very happy and will say to Neelam that I told you that Lakshmi is not like that, she has done my

Vada, she who had done Vada to me has done everything for me.  Well, Lakshmi is married to Balwinder, isn't it friends? Tab Neelam will react very angrily and will leave and Rana will.

 leave.  They will call and use those who will give me the money, give me back, why are you doing my work?  Dare not my money from me wapis karo ji han doston rano bhi aap bahut gusse mein aane wali hai apna gussa Shalu and Lakshmi Paar Nikalegi and Aap Log Bahut Jald Dekhinge

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