Bhagya Lakshmi Today 25 Jan full episode hd

Bhagya Lakshmi will see you people are going to stop Rishi from Malaysia now in Zee TV. You will see why Malaysia was heaven. If you don't stop Rishi, then Rishi will go to stop Balwinder's marriage. Karke Rishi has to be stopped even before doing it. Taki Rishi didn't reach.

 Balwinder. Jee han dostun. Islaye Malaysia will now look like new planning. In which you will see Malaysia giving money to some people and they say That you guys don't know. Why do I want Rishi to come to the hospital? Rishi can't go anywhere until I go to the hospital, but still.

 Rishi will say to Malaysia, take me to Lakshmi, why do I need to go to Lakshmi? You say that I hate Lakshmi and what am I seeing? What are you talking about? This is not the time to tell all this. Please do whatever you can and let me see Lakshmi. Will you see Malaysia.

 Rishi? Therefore, this plan of Malaysia will be seen to be inflating. Lakshmi tries to go inside but can't go in. Anna sees Lakshmi and says to Lakshmi, Jaan, I don't want to marry you. You have been forced to marry and now I will not allow you to marry, so Ana takes Lakshmi with.

 her in her car. He thinks that Lakshmi is marrying Balwinder inside, so they go inside and as soon as they go inside, they don't see Shalo anywhere, because they are marrying Balwinder, not me, but it is Shalo that Aayush cheats on. It happens that there are many shades of Aayush that are not used anywhere, that's why.

 Aayush goes to the society because there is no one else in Ghanghat. Shalu gets suspicious and Balwinder also suspects that Lakshmi is missing from here, so Balwinder is shown removing the grimace from Shalu's face. Will see you soon

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