Bhagya Lakshmi Today 26 th Jan full episode online HD

 The next episode of Serial Bhagya Lakshmi is going to be very interesting Jee Haan Dostun Lakshmi is now going to return with Aahna along with her housemate Ana leaves taking Lakshmi with her why is Aahna likes Lakshmi.

 because of her. Saath takes her in her car when Lakshmi regains consciousness Tab Lakshmi says to Aahna let's go back ISI time why I have to go to my house why Lakshmi Hoki comes to Priya's plan to use her and Balvendra's. Naked tells

 why ki Priya is Balvinder's girlfriend and Balvinder is used. Ki Hai Main Nahin Chahti ki Balvinder Tumhare Live Paper Baat Kar De Isliye Please think something in me naked Tab L Akshmi says to Priya you come to me on wedding day why.

 I will marry you to Balvinder who Tara Balvinder has cheated you. Even in the stars, now Balwinder will be cheated, but dos So make Lakshmi blush with joy. This plan fails, but now Lakshmi is alone, she is like her own home. Lakshmi.

 comes in front of Balendra. Balvendra is very excited to see Lakshmi in front of him, because Balvendra does not know that Ghanghat and Lakshmi are his sister Shalo. Use it while keeping away from Balwinder, see that if Lakshmi hadn't reached.

you, Shalu would have got married to Balwinder and Aayush would never have forgiven himself. Aayush will be very happy and will say to Laxmi that

you should have told us, we don't have the courage to make you faint, why I also want you not to get married to Balwinder, want an FIR. If it happens to someone.

 else, I don't feel sad because Balwindar is not a human being and I want you not to be ruined in your life. Lakshmi says to Ayush that it has happened last time, why is Rishi talking about my life? And I will never forgive Rishi because I loved him with all my heart and he made fun of my love.

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