Bhagya Lakshmi Today 27 jan full episode hd

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi on GTV you will see that Lakshmi has returned to her home with Ahana. It seems I will not let you get married to Lakshmi, I don't want you to get married to my sister-in-law.

 Lakshmi. People are wondering why everyone thinks that Lakshmi is used behind the bell, but now seeing Lakshmi with them, most of the people are very interested. You people.

 think that sometimes. He will bring Shalo who is hidden in the back to the front. Yes, friends, Shalo is behind the bell, because Shalo is passing Balwinder's time, as K. Aayush says to Shalo. According to Aayush, she goes behind the bell, but.

 as it is now, Aayush will see Shalo and will be very angry and will say to Shalo, what are you doing? They will say to Aayush, I had faith in you, that's why I became a bride, I was waiting for you and I was heaven, that you will.

 come, and Lakshmi will become a bride. And will start marrying Balvendra because there is a big planning hidden behind it which will be shown to you now. Why is there a girl in Lakshmi's house? Balwinder will use your marriage.

with the same trick that Balwinder has cheated on you. use ha dungi and your marriage to her karongi yes friends Priya is very happy and goes to Lakshmi to get married now Lakshmi

will do something during her marriage that.

 Mandap per Lakshmi Priya to marry Sukhi. . Vali is not there. Lakshmi lies in front of her aunt and says that I will do this marriage but in truth Lakshmi does not want to do this marriage.

 because Lakshmi is not happy with the marriage at all. Happy marriage becomes Priya's life set. So Natak is doing all this and very soon you will also see when Balvinder gets married to Priya.

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