Bhagya Lakshmi Today 28 Jan full episode hd


In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi , you are going to see Rishi now reaches Lakshmi's house because Rishi wants Lakshmi not to get married to Balvendra and that's why he reaches Lakshmi's house to stop the marriage with someone from Rishi's Rishi. samna Balvinder se.

 Hota Hai Kyunki Balvinder Lakshmi Se Shadi karne Ja Raha Hota Hai and Balvinder Jata Hai Ky Hamare Darmiyan Koi Bhi Na Aye Aur Main Aapni Shaadi Aasani Se Kar Sakun Isliye Balvinder Kafi Active Hota Hai Aur Logonta Haki Baki Today whatever happens.

 to me The marriage is not wanted but Balvinder doesn't know that Rishi can do anything to stop the marriage and it happens as soon as Balvendra comes with Rishi but Rishi tells Balvendra and Balvendra how many times I love you. Where did you stay away.

 from Lakshmi, but I think you do not understand the truth. Why are you guys wondering why Aayush is also present at Lakshmi's house? Why does Aayush also want to write this? Leave Balwinder. Yes, friends. Now Balwinder is going to be sedated by Rishi and Ayush.

 Milkar. Why will Rishi now take the place of Balwinder? You and Rishi will grow up to become the bride, you will see when Lakshmi is ready as a bride, Tab Shalo will say to Lakshmi, think again that you are not doing anything wrong. I don't want to see this. I am doing all this for.

Kamali. Why did Kamale leave me? I don't know where this

Kamali has gone. Yes, friends, please listen to your sister. Daughter-in-law will be happy and hug her sister Lakshmi and say to Lakshmi I am with you as soon as Kamali comes then I will inform you. Not Balvinder.

 but Rishi is taking the stage for Lakshmi. Tab Malaysia will show Rishi on the stage. You know, but Manisha doesn't find Rishi anywhere, so Malaysian comes from Neelam and tells me about Rishi. Why didn't Rishi stop Palvendra's marriage and tell Lakshmi that you want this marriage? Talk about tab Neelam is very happy to talk about Malaysia

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