Bhagya Lakshmi Today 30 Jan full episode hd

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV, you will see that Lakshmi has met Rishi.  Chala ki you are marrying Balwinder I don't like Balwinder yes friends tab Lakshmi says to Rishi what are you doing here Rishi says to Lakshmi I have to stop your marriage and I am ashamed

of my.

 mistake.  I didn't want to do what happened to you, yes, friends, Lakshmi says to Rishi, it's too late, now their words are of no use.  Rishi, you don't know how great a person Balvinder is. He had a relationship with Kamali. When Kamali fell in love with Balvinder, Balvinder.

 stopped using him.  You are doing good work, I am with you because I also want to meet you.  And Kamali becomes Balwinder's wife Jee han friends on the other hand Malaysia is bothering Shalo a lot why does he blame Malaysia because there is no Lakshmi behind.

 the bell so Malaysia tells Shalo to convince Sharmi to talk to Malaysia.  She gives and says that you can't talk to Lakshmi and on the other side Aayush is also looking at Malaysia and comes to Shalo and says to Shalo why do I want to.

 talk to Lakshmi?  Shadi Na Karan Jee Han Dost Malaysia stops Aayush from talking by mentioning the name of marriage and takes Aayush with her because Aayush also wanted me to distract Malaysia and Aayush succeeded in distracting.

Malaysia.  He goes and Neelam is getting bored with the world travel and says to Rishi's father, I think that Lakshmi has made us all, why is she not going to marry Lakshmi? Tab Rishi  Neelam's father says to Neelam that I also want that Lakshmi is not married to Balvendra, you.

 should go to heaven, Balvendra is bora.  I am human and Lakshmi will not be able to give me what Lakshmi deserves. I don't know how many boys like Balvendra have ruined the lives of Lakshmi and I will not ruin my daughter Lakshmi's life now. Why do I love Lakshmi more than my daughter?  No father can do this to his daughter

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