Bhagya Lakshmi Today Mar 5 jan Episode HD

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV you will see Rishi and Lakshmi talking to a world. Wow, she loves Balwinder, so Lakshmi was going to marry Balendra, but now Lakshmi has cleared Rishi's confusion. Friends on the other side, Malaysia Rishi is being cheated by Charun because Rishi is with Lakshmi, but Rishi.

 doesn't want to let Manisha go anywhere and says to Aayush that I know that your What is going on in my mind, I think you are messing up something or something, you are hiding me, Aayush Pul Asan, tell me where is my Rishi, yes, friends, Aayush, despite everything, Manisha.

 still has something. He doesn't tell Manisha and says to Manisha, "Mamaji, why did you convince Rishi to come here?" And Malaysia, you are also a good native of heaven, so you are here in Chile, your Rishi is not here for any reason and he came to Malaysia not to stop this.

 marriage. I did not stop this marriage because I also want our sister-in-law to be happy wherever she is and we can do anything for Lakshmi's happiness. You are not good from Malaysia either. Manisha Aayush is quite affected and will show you guys why Aayush has.

told Malaysia in his nakedness and has also told Malaysia that I will not stop this marriage because I don't want this marriage. It doesn't matter so who am I to stop this marriage yes

guys now malaysia will stand by neelam till marriage because neelam also wants to get.

married soon and why am i malaysia's marriage malaysia says to neelam I will not marry Rishi until Lakshmi gets married, because Rishi has no trust, Rishi left me with Lakshmi's voice, so what will happen to me, so I will not marry Rishi until I get married. Karungi Ji Haan.

 Dostu Lakshmi is cheating on Balvinder, Pravinder does not know who is behind the bell because Lakshmi wants to rob Kamali of her happiness. The future is good as long as the child is supported by the father

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