Bhagya Lakshmi Today 5 Jun full episode online HD

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you guys are going to see Lakshmi has left Rishi, Jae Haan, with a voice like friends, Manisha will be seen to be quite happy. Rishi puri tara se lakshmi ka hai why ki Rishi has spoken to Malaysia I have no interest in you I think we are surf friends and there is nothing other than friend ki Lakshmi se meri bivy jo kachha in the movie. Tum nahi aati malaysia ji haan.

 friends you will see malaysia getting very sad and from traveling the world Neelam says to Karan why do I feel like something is wrong with Lakshmi you will not miss Jannati Haan Ki Tum Yeh It will be too big to write, what should I do, my heart is not listening, so I am telling you, Karan, I don't have the courage to take your words to heart. It seems that Rishi.

 has nothing to do with marriage, that's why I am talking to you. Karan, tell your daughter Maleeha that she should talk to Rishi. The wife has become disillusioned, on whom Wah used to rely, you can do it, my daughter is also very good and she will love Rishi a lot. Loves Lakshmi so he is sad all the time and misses Lakshmi and this is known to love Neelam aunty too and you know. I don't have the courage

 to say yes, friends. Neelam says to Aayush, what is the trick to talk to Badun? Because of Rishi's marriage, you know from the log how much Lakshmi and Rishi love each other and how many times Lakshmi has saved Rishi's brother's life. Aahna is also very happy to see Aayush talking with Neelam and wants to support her.

brother Aayush but Sonia will see Neelam some picture. Why does Soniah ate Lakshmi? Because Sonia is Malaysia's best friend, Sonia always supports her best friend, because Malaysia is in the house. I am not respecting you, I don't know what kind of magic Lakshmi has put on them that they don't see Lakshmi's service.

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