Bhagya Lakshmi Today 6 Jan full episode online HD

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV story you guys are going to see Lakshmi has arrived in Malaysia house yes friends bring Malaysian friend Lakshmi with her because she wants Malaysian friend with Obai Valu. Rishi is told the truth. Lakshmi doesn't know anything about Sonal's nakedness, so Lakshmi goes to Malaysia with Sonal, but this time Sonal is going to do something

that will ruin Rishi's life. Shame.

 to be with you Yes Haan Dostun Lakshmi's voice Rishi's truth is going to come with you all by which Sankar Neelam is quite angry and will be seen reacting why won't you leave Logon support you again and again Neelam will be seen supporting Malaysia you guys and every time Tara Hai Bari Lakshmi will be seen insulting Jeyada a lot you people along with Lakshmi.

 as well as Rishi will be insulted by Jeyada why now Neelam shut up As soon as Neelam comes to know about the matter between Malaysia and Rishi, she will be seen hunting Rishi's father. Kyonki Rishi's father is also unaware of this. Now as soon as Rishi's father comes to know about his son's truth, he will be seen.

 going to Lakshmi. What is wrong but Lakshmi is also very sad about Rishi why Lakshmi says to her sister Shalo I didn't expect this from Rishi I didn't think Rishi would ever write to me Rishi is teasing me. It's not good, guys, go ahead, she says to her sister Lakshmi, don't worry, it could be that you are doing all this to marry Malisha Rishi. It is going to.

happen and this time Lakshmi also looks at Sonal that you will see Logon and you guys very soon when

Rishi will return to his house. When Rishi goes to apologize to his father, Rishi's father will be seen quarreling with Rishi. He eats Aayush because Rishi can't do that. Will Aayush be able to acquit Rishi with his family? Aayush has to tell us.

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