Bhagya Lakshmi Today 6 th Jan full episode online HD

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Zee TV story has become very interesting Jee Haan Dostoune Wale episode Aap Logon will be shown Malaysia's friend will be seen helping Malaysia a lot Why do I want Logon to be a Malaysian friend in my life  .  May he be happy and use his love. Yes, friends, but Rishi is a good time. Why does he take Rishi to Malaysia?  He invites.

 Malaysia and says to Malaysia, I can't marry you, you are a paradise, I am already married to Lakshmi, I am Lakshmi's husband and who can I marry you, it is a relationship of friendship.  K Lakshmi has gone from your life and you also want to forget Lakshmi why do you remember again and again to use Rishi you know Lakshmi now hates you and.

 has divorced you.  O that too of your own accord Rishi you take care of yourself what has happened yes friends Tab Rishi says to Malaysia nothing happened to me I am totally fine I think something has happened to you you know us very well and friend's  Siva is nothing, whatever it was, our dreams are all over now, why.

 am I still not your Rishi, now I am not your Rishi anymore, why do you make me feel true love for Lakshmi?  She says to Malaysia, you can't be without her, I'm not heavenly, Lakshmi can be without you, Rishi Rishi, why do you marry me and become mine forever? She is very serious about Rishi.  Neelam is also starting to feel that Rishi is hiding something.

 from me because seeing Aahna's behavior Neelam is getting suspicious of Rishi because Lakshmi tells Aahna about Rishi and Aahna likes Rishi very well but Rishi's truth.  Neelam is hiding why, Lakshmi says to Ahna, I am telling whatever you are telling me, why don't you want to tell anyone?  From my point of view, he has fallen like that and my heart is also broken. I thought Rishi Sarf loves me, but I had a misunderstanding. 

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