Bhagya Lakshmi Today 8 Jan full episode online HD

Bhagya Lakshmi Today 8 Jan episode online HD.

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi is going to be very interesting in the upcoming episode you guys will see Rishi feeling very lonely and you guys will see why Rishi has left Rishi's family to whom Rishi will give coffee. In Rishi's life, our mother has gone, leaving Rishi, why has Rishi broken.

 his mother Neelam's heart by having an affair with Malaysia? Why is Logon very fond of his brother and tells his family that Rishi bhai can never do anything wrong with Malaysia because I know Rishi very well. Shalo will also say that something is wrong, which is not visible to us. The truth is out and his family will start

 hating Rishi a lot because hey Rishi's father will ever be with anyone. No, Neelam got angry and married Alisha in Rishi's marriage, then Lakshmi will be very sad for you, so Lakshmi, I want you to find Sonal naked once, what Sonal wants to do. dusri taraf se kiran kafi serial hoti.

 Hui dikhai degi aap Logon Ko Kyunki Kiran Ko Sab Pata Chalne Wala Hai apni Beti Malaysia ke bare mein Kiran is the truth of her daughter very soon you will see when Sonal is talking Malaysia Kiran Sonal She secretly listens to her daughter's words and says I will not marry you to.

Rishi because Rishi does not love you. If you marry Rishi, he will never be able to make you happy, he will never respect you, and he will never give you the love you want from me. Friends will say to Sonal, I don't know what has.

 happened to my mother, who says that my mother always supported me, but now why can't my mother understand what she has done for the sake of us? Anyone can go to Rishi to drink

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