Bhagya Lakshmi Today 9 Jan full episode online HD

 The new promo of Bhagya Lakshmi has been released in which Lakshmi will be seen marrying Balwinder. When Neha is getting married, Tab Balvinder goes to Lakshmi's house and tells the family that if you guys want Neha to have no problem in her marriage, marry me. Jae Haan Dostun Lakshmi now risking her life.

 for Neha will be seen by you guys which will make Shalo very sad because of her sister's actions why Shalo hates Himisha Balvendra and Barvendra is also shy. You will show up, you will tell Logon and your sister Lakshmi to beat him. You are married to Balwinder. You are.

 heaven. This Balwinder is a bad person. Balwinder can do anything for money. apni Bahan Lakshmi Kahan Se Lainge Ji han Friend Lakshmi is going to like Chalo's words because Shalo also loves her talk very much and by using her talk contact Balwinder will show you.

 guys who Shalu will tell Ayush that my sister is going to marry Balvendra and you do something. If you don't do something, I won't be able to stop this marriage. Why Lakshmi? Santi is not listening to me either. Yes, friends, Aayush will now show you talking to Rishi about Shalo, which.

 will make Rishi very angry and show you why Rishi has spoken to Nikritifra and Lakshmi too, if you have Balvinder Karib. If you try to leave, I will destroy you and your Balwinder because Balwinder is not a good person and another trip. Malaysia also found out that Lakshmi.

and Balwinder are married naked. Like our friends, Malaysia will know that Lakshmi is going to get married to Balwinder. Balwinder to you call use Yah Shaadi Kisi Bhi Halat Mein Karoge Kyunki Rishi Lakshmi Ke Piche Pagal hai and I want you to do this marriage and.

 take Rishi away from Lakshmi for Hamisha what friend and Rishi Yeh Ho will be all. No you guys. Keep visiting our site for its new update why we keep updating drama serial thanks Bhagilakshmi fan

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